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Not to allow dc1 to do a certain sport?

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MomentOfTruth Sun 16-Feb-14 11:07:40

On one side there is dc1. Bright child, usually good at sports. Things are coming easily to him.
On the other dc2 is 18 months younger and us finding things hard. He has clear social and communication problems and has always felt 'stupid' compare to dc1.

They are both doing some sport activity and I have been careful that they would both do something different in order to boost dc2 self esteem. They both do some lite competition in their own chosen sport.
Except that dc1 has now decided he wants to do the same than dc2, do the competition etc

AIBU to say to dc1 NO and to tell him to stick to his first favoured sport?

MomentOfTruth Mon 17-Feb-14 18:44:16

2rebecca dc2 might change his mind in 2 years. But in the mean time he will have had 2 years where he will be able to be proud of his achievements.
Having said that dc2 has a bit of a tunnel vision going on. Change isn't his strong point (that's AS for you) so unlike other children who might change their idea if what's nice at the drop of the hat, dc2 is unlikely to do so.

paddyclampo Mon 17-Feb-14 18:58:20

I'm not suggesting for a second that you're putting your DS1's achievements down, just trying to point out how it felt to my friend I guess.

Surely part of this is something that's experienced by all youngers siblings to some degree, special needs or not? I was the youngest of 3 but I never felt bad that my brothers ran faster than me, were on harder maths than me etc etc - of course they were, they were older!

I think depriving DS1 of any opportunity is very sad. Has DS2 said how he feels about DS2 taking up tennis?

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