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To think if you' re going to send a penis pic...

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MrsMagnificent Sat 15-Feb-14 15:18:14

Send it to the correct person??

Sat down with my cup of tea and opened up a message and was confronted with an image of my ex work colleagues penis. I am assuming it was meant for his girlfriend given the message that went with.

Is it too much to ask that if you are going to whip your penis out and snap a photo that you take the time and care to make sure you don't send it to an unsuspecting female by mistake?

EddieBlizzard Sat 15-Feb-14 15:18:56

Nearly spat my own tea out reading that grin shock

Nomama Sat 15-Feb-14 15:19:02

How did you respond?

Tell me you did respond... please!

MissMarplesBloomers Sat 15-Feb-14 15:19:29

Errrrr how did you recognise it as him??? smile

MrsMagnificent Sat 15-Feb-14 15:19:35

Now for the reply... Hmmm what should my response be? grin

LaurieFairyCake Sat 15-Feb-14 15:20:03

I may be more cynical than you

I'd assume the fucker did it on purpose

Janethegirl Sat 15-Feb-14 15:20:29

Needs some Growmore!

MissMarplesBloomers Sat 15-Feb-14 15:20:29

"You didn't impress me then & you still don't impress me now -shrimp"

Pipbin Sat 15-Feb-14 15:20:38

'we'll thats a side of you I've not seen before'

I wonder if he realised he sent it to the wrong person just after hitting send.

MrsMagnificent Sat 15-Feb-14 15:21:08

No I haven't responded, obviously I immediately posted to you lovely bunch grin

MissMarplesBloomers Do men take pictures of other mens penis' to send to people shock grin

EddieBlizzard Sat 15-Feb-14 15:21:44

Just reply



Or worse, give him a low rating out of ten. That'll guarantee he's always more careful in the future!

LaurieFairyCake Sat 15-Feb-14 15:22:36

I'd text:

"Give me a clue at least! I'd have thought it was a penis but it's too small, maybe a mushroom"?

Catsmamma Sat 15-Feb-14 15:22:46

reply with the classic "ooooh JUST like a penis, but smaller."

WorraLiberty Sat 15-Feb-14 15:23:00

Just google a cock pic and send it with the message "Mine's bigger than yours" grin

MissMarplesBloomers Sat 15-Feb-14 15:23:21

MrsM If one of his drunk mates had got hold of his phone yes maybe!!


EddieBlizzard Sat 15-Feb-14 15:23:43

Please do Worra's grin

Floggingmolly Sat 15-Feb-14 15:23:47

Do many men take one of their own to send to people? probably
You'd think she'd have seen it already. Maybe the angle of the photo makes it look bigger?

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 15-Feb-14 15:24:38

I once sent a very filthy sex text to a work colleague instead of my then boyfriend. It's easily done. I still think about that text and it was about 7 years ago

MrsMagnificent Sat 15-Feb-14 15:24:42

Haha I am enjoying my cup of tea now. This is how a tea break should be spent. Not opening a message to see a penis staring up at me from my phone.

Who the hell would want a penis picture anyway?!

YouTheCat Sat 15-Feb-14 15:25:44

Can you ask if they have a 'zoom' facility because you're not sure what it is? grin

MrsMagnificent Sat 15-Feb-14 15:26:15

Right (I am going to have to clear my internet history after this)

<off to google "massive penis">

ineedanexcuse Sat 15-Feb-14 15:27:10

Nasty .

I would put the wind up him by telling hin your child opened the text and is now traumatised and what is he going to do about it. After all ,sexting is a criminal offence(is it?) and to have involved a minor has elevated it to paedophilia(probably) .

Then let him off after a while if he you think he has sweated enough/relpyed in a suitably mortified manner.

neverthebride Sat 15-Feb-14 15:27:43

I once sent a picture of my boobs to my Dad as his number was one above the intended recipient 'Dan' in my phones phonebook.

The horror.

WorraLiberty Sat 15-Feb-14 15:27:58

No no!

Google "Tiny penis"

But still with the message "Mine's bigger than yours" wink

MollyMakesMeWantToDance Sat 15-Feb-14 15:28:00

Definitely Worra's suggestion. It wins the thread for today/

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