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AIBU to post this for all disappointed Valentine's Day ladies?

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oldgrandmama Fri 14-Feb-14 11:32:58

Your hair is but a memory,
Your teeth are frankly fake.
I rent us porno DVDs,
But you can�t stay awake.

Your hypertension�s frightening,
Your indigestion�s chronic.
Your circulatory system flows
With mainly gin and tonic.

No chocolates, flowers, perfume,
Or sweet romantic poem.
Your perfect night of passion
Is Arsenal playing at home.

You promised me a high life,
Champagne, caviar, coke �
Now it�s chips and curry,
�Cos you�re so flaming broke.

But still � please be my Valentine
You�re probably not the worst.
I�d marry you again unless
George Clooney asked me first.

PhantomMenace Fri 14-Feb-14 11:38:48

I all got was a card from DH that said, I love your Juicy Melons hmm. Your poem is far more poetic. grin

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