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I know how you all love a good fence aibu.....

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Fairylea Wed 12-Feb-14 19:13:35

So here goes. Gulp <nervous> !

Our house backs onto another house sideways. So essentially their house is side on to us and 2 other houses (next to us) and their rear fence runs sideways making it the back fence of ours and the two other houses. We own the fence to the left side of us.

When we moved in we realised that the previous owner had removed an additional back fence (hedging) that ran alongside the rear sideways fence. So there were originally two fences. However on looking upstairs from the window none of the other 2 houses have an additional fence alongside the sideways one either. So (to be clear) myself and two neighbours only have the one shared fence with this sideways neighbour that I believe to be theirs.

I know I have to check the deeds but I do not have them and I am canvassing opinions based on the idea that it is their fence as it seems obvious that it is.

The portion of this fence that is our back fence has blown down twice. The man from the house has nailed it back together twice now with bits of old wood and very unsightly repairs on our side (so his side looks nice ours looks frankly crap).

Today the fence has blown down again. I was just wondering since its our back fence but belongs to him what's the best thing to do here? Do I leave him to sort it knowing fences are bloody expensive? Do I be generous even though we can't afford it and offer something towards fixing it? Do we put our own fence up inside our boundary alongside it? (Are we being unreasonable for not doing that already considering the other neighbours haven't done this either?)

What's the most reasonable thing to do? Am I being unreasonable to expect him to sort it out without making our garden look awful?


MaryWestmacott Wed 12-Feb-14 19:17:00

I believe all he has to do is mark the boundary, so not sure if you can complain if it's marked. I'd put a fence just inside your boundary if it's going to bother you, or plant against the fence to hide it.

Joysmum Wed 12-Feb-14 19:19:18

Unless it's specified somewhere, householders do no have to fence their properties at all. If you want one to suit you, you can put one up on your side of the boundary.

littlebluedog12 Wed 12-Feb-14 19:22:38

Is it the whole fence? If so I would speak to your other neighbours first and see what they think. It might work out cheaper if you all club together for one fence?

OwlCapone Wed 12-Feb-14 19:24:44

Why do you think it is their fence?

Fairylea Wed 12-Feb-14 19:27:39

Oh I see, so even if it is his fence he doesn't have to make any effort to fix it? I'm not worried if it doesn't look amazing as such it's just we're talking random planks of wood nailed horizontally and propped up on our side (so the piece of wood propping it up is protruding on to our flower beds).

It's just the section of the fence that is our back fence, two neighbours houses fine.

I haven't approached or spoke to fence owner at all yet. I'd love to get our own fence but I don't think we could afford it... We spent 5k retiling our old roof last year. Bloody houses.

icclemunchy Wed 12-Feb-14 20:00:00

id speak to him, our neighbour had a panel blow down over xmas and its been damaged so needs replacing. They popped round to say they're going to replace it but not until the storms are over so have just bodged it for now.

If I was them id be inclined to do the same thing so maybe that's what your neighbours doing?

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