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about job vs interning

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tigermoll Wed 12-Feb-14 18:58:30

More of a WWYD than AIBU:

I have just completed two week's work experience as part of a p/t academic (rather than training) course I'm doing. I work f/t, so took 2 weeks annual leave to attend the work experience.I really like the industry I'm work experiencing in, I've thought about working in it in the past, but always just thought 'oh, it's too hard to get into, and you need to know the right people, etc' so never thought about it seriously. But now I think I could do it.

Today, my work experience place asked me to do another week - they are paying me but not enough to live on, and they usually have someone in my spot every week, but next week's has dropped out. This is a good sign - the woman who supervises me said that was how she got her job.

If I do the extra week, I have to square it with my f/t work - it will basically eat up all my annual leave for the rest of the year, piss them off, and tip off my boss that I'm thinking about leaving, as well as inconveniencing my work colleagues. And there's no job at the end - I'm pretty sure there are no spaces for permanent employees at the mo.

What should I do?

pluCaChange Wed 12-Feb-14 19:50:33

To be honest, I'd tell the internship I couldn't do it this time.

1) Being too available can mske you look desperate, rather than as though you understand your worth.
2) You only have your supervisor's word for it, that this was how she "got in". And has she specified how long after her "big break" she got a real job?
3) Why did the other intern drop out? Perhaps it was because there was a real job at stake, not just an internship?

Sorry to be so negative. However, internship-heavy industries are rife with bad behaviour, as people can get away with it, and it's worth being careful.

As a matter of interest, why did you do such a spculative internship?

tigermoll Wed 12-Feb-14 21:46:19

Thanks for your reply smile

I did the two weeks because it was a requirement of my course to get a professional placement. I didn't intend on changing jobs till my course was complete, but now I really like it there.

silvermantella Wed 12-Feb-14 21:59:56

I wouldn't do it, think you have too much to lose, and not much more to gain. We have a lot of people doing short volunteering experience where I work (similar to you, to get experience before doing a course) and to be honest I wouldn't remember someone who had done three weeks any more than someone who had done one, there were just so many people coming and going.

I think it's much more important that you make a good impression when you are then (which you obviously have done), and then keep in touch after (pop in occasionally, follow them on twitter, add a few people on linked in, etc, so they remember you). Buy some chocs and a card to put in the staffroom to say thanks for having you, always goes down well!

If you feel awkward say that YOU want to but your work absolutely won't let you have it off. They would have to be very unreasonable to hold that against you at such short notice. Maybe say you would like to come back for more experience next year/after you have finished your course, even if you don't end up doing it (hopefully you'll get a job in the field).

pluCaChange Wed 12-Feb-14 22:06:31

Well, that's a bit of a relief! smile So your course gives you plenty of time to make decisions and get more work experience!

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