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going to the aid of small children

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Enb76 Wed 12-Feb-14 09:54:38

A child fell over in the playground, most of the time you see this happen, they shake themselves off and are up and running again. This child fell down and looked like he really bashed his knees and was quite understandably crying, I waited for a bit thinking that his mother would probably be over in a second to at least pick him up, brush him down, cheer him up but no, no parent made a move. So I did. I helped him up, asked him where he hurt and whether we should get a new set of knees for him and reduced him from 'can't talk' bawling to sniffles. I then asked where his mum was and he pointed to a woman with her back to us just chatting to her friends. She looked really quite angry with me for bringing back her crying child to her and looked even more cross with him and then proceeded to tell him off. I said nothing, went back to my own child.

I was a bit shock that she was cross with me. I don't think I was unreasonable for going to pick up a crying child, it's what you do isn't it? Is there any reason (because it would be MN that would tell me) why it would be unreasonable to make sure an obviously distressed child was ok

I don't think you were being unreasonable. I'd be grateful had it been my child. I think it's an automatic reaction tbh.

TeenAndTween Wed 12-Feb-14 09:58:39

She might have thought that you were 'showing her up' for not looking after her own child, hence why she was cross?

Joysmum Wed 12-Feb-14 10:01:23

Personally, I'd have put her straight with a sickly sweet smile on my face and a voice dripping in understanding

Jess03 Wed 12-Feb-14 10:02:33

Ywnbu, I expect she was embarrassed. Telling off the child was low. I never mind if people are nice to dd, children expect people to be nice to them.

QueenofKelsingra Wed 12-Feb-14 10:05:33

I just don't get this. surely we all accept that sometimes our back will be turned and DC will fall over. I would be grateful that someone noticed and went to their aid, I would thank them and then would probably go for OTT fawning of said DC to show that I did care and just hadn't seen the incident and to hide the embarrassment of not noticing

mind you unless there are literally dozens of kids all screaming I can pick my own kids scream up without needing to see them - aren't most mothers attuned to their own kids?

VoldysGoneMouldy Wed 12-Feb-14 10:05:35

Poor little one. You did the right thing.

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