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To tell this woman to stay away from me.

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Greenmug Mon 10-Feb-14 20:24:14

It's a long un but I will try to be as brief as possible.

There is a woman among my group of friends that I have known for a number of years. We have never been close friends but I would have definitely said we were friendly until around a year ago when I felt she was trying to push me out. She seemed to resent the friendship I had with one of the other women in the group and went out of her way to cause trouble between us and leaving me out of just about everything. I never said anything and just let things play out, and it made no difference to my friend and I.

Anyway, now this woman has been telling absolute corkers of lies about me and it has REALLY pissed me off. I confronted her, she denied it, (I have seen texts from her to other people so know that she's lying) but I decided to be civil for the sake of everyone else really. Now it's started again and she's spreading more lies about me and I have been told that she wants to chat with me to explain 'the misunderstanding'.

I have no desire to have anything whatsoever to do with her now. WIBU to just tell her as politely as I can muster that I'm not interested and basically stay away from me?

PinkLemons Mon 10-Feb-14 20:31:39

Nope YANBU. But you knew that anyway.

LiberalLibertine Mon 10-Feb-14 20:36:47

I'd just meet with her and say WTF is your problem? See what she has to say, then never see her again, but I'm nosey like that.

bodygoingsouth Mon 10-Feb-14 20:36:59

email or text your whole group of friends and tell them the problems. don't engage her as she's mad. your real friends will belive you.

Mellowandfruitful Mon 10-Feb-14 20:39:53

Have you got the support of your other friends? I hope so.

Supercosy Mon 10-Feb-14 20:43:47

First of all poor you. I was stuck in a horrible situation like this a few years ago and it was hideous. It's entirely up to you really. I think I probably would meet up just once to look them in the eye and tell them exactly what I thought of them and THEN walk away and not look back. Equally, I can see why you would want to avoid them from now on. Are your friends behind you on this?

MrsMoon76 Mon 10-Feb-14 20:49:03

I would NOT meet her alone. I wouldn't meet her at all. You know there is no misunderstanding. She has been lying and she knows you know.

Anything that can be said can be said in front of others so that there is no "misunderstanding". Are your friends being supportive? If they acknowledge that she is lying about you I would hope that they step away from her.

WanderingAway Mon 10-Feb-14 21:03:42

I hope ur friends are supporting you. I would meet her in a group with your friends, i would not meet her alone as she will make up some more lies about you.

FlockOfTwats Mon 10-Feb-14 21:13:21


A "friend" of mine, when my dds dad took me to court spread some horrific lies about me relating to my child.

I told her to stay away from me.

These people are poison. She will look for any reason to bad mouth you.

I still ended up sticking up for her. I heard a group of girls slagging her off about being miserable about her pregnancy and not wanting to talk about it/brushing pregnancy talk off.

She had told a lot of people that the baby had a severe condition and would not live. As so many people knew i assumed it wasn't a secret and proceeded to bollock the life out of the people slagging her off for looking miserable, and how dare they slate her for being down given the news.

She told then told people id been gossiping about her baby's condition and said id been laughing about it and making fun of her to everyone i knew.

Obviously the people id bollocked over it knew what had been said and knew id never done anything other than stick up for her. I could have understood her feeling people were talking about her given the situation she made up quite a detailed conversation id supposedly had with multiple people and carried on repeating that story to anyone who knows me.

I just had to cut contact and i ask mutual friends not to even mention her now because it gets too upsetting to hear the lies about myself.

Her lies cost me the relationship with my best friend. I wish id never let her into my life

Greenmug Mon 10-Feb-14 22:17:54

My closest friends are supportive and there are a couple more who I think feel caught in the middle. The last time I engaged with her she told everyone that I had said a load of things that I absolutely hadn't. She lied through her teeth basically so I know if I see her alone she'll do the same thing again. I've never come across this before and its actually really got to me.

Hissy Mon 10-Feb-14 22:25:42

You got a Wendy!

Tell her to ftfo and get her out of your social circles.

YouTheCat Mon 10-Feb-14 22:28:15

You have proof? That is slander then, I think.

Don't engage with her at all unless there are witnesses.

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