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To think i'm doing something wrong or is it really this hard to get a job these days?

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MillyStar Mon 10-Feb-14 14:13:22

I've been looking for part time secretarial/receptionist work since August and i'm really struggling, i need part time aswell which doesn't help!

I'd say for every ten jobs i apply for i hear back from two and I've had about ten interviews.

I had one for the school office in a high school on Friday and I've just had the rejection phone call, feel like I've been punched in the tummy yet again and i want to cry ;(

I dunno what else to do, I've worked at my current job for over ten years and my boss sent them a glowing reference last week before the interview, i'm cheerful and happy and professional during the interview and they always seem to go really wrong!

I'm a size 18/20 at the mo and I'm starting to wonder if that is anything to do with it!

I'm redundant at the end of March and if i don't find anything i will have to take my 21 month old dd out of her one day at nursery each week which i really don't want to do as she loves it!

Is it really this tough for everyone or am i just crap? ;(

MillyStar Mon 10-Feb-14 14:14:09

That should say go really well but obviously they are going really wrong!

Quinteszilla Mon 10-Feb-14 14:14:50

Are you planning on just working one day per week, or do you have other child care in place?

PlumpPartridge Mon 10-Feb-14 14:16:37

It really is that tough - it took me about 6 months of looking to find my job and I think I got lucky.

My heartfelt sympathies as it is properly shitty to be on the job application merry-go-round.

Lotkinsgonecurly Mon 10-Feb-14 14:18:59

Being a size 18/20 probably doesn't factor into them making decisions about hiring you but are you happy at your current weight? Would it be affecting your self esteem?
Re interviews well done for getting 10 interviews, can you ask someone in your current job to do a mock interview with you and give you constructive feedback ? Or a friend who recruits to do this for you?

OldCatLady Mon 10-Feb-14 14:20:24

I think it is tough atm...especially for slightly older women (don't know if you are or not!). Have you had someone look at your CV? If you're not being offered interviews I'd say it's probably a CV/cover letter issue. Are you applying for 'appropriate' jobs? Ie - do you actually have the qualifications/experience they are looking for? Are you tailoring your cv to each job? Use the 'key words' from the ad in your cv. Size/weight should not be a factor, though it may hinder you if you don't dress for your size - a 20-something size 8 can probably get away with a dress, a larger size lady doesn't always look so smart in a dress. Also act like you know what you're talking about - even if you don't! Confidence is key! A genuine smile always works, and have someone practice interviewing with you until you're blue in the face, it'll become second nature.

I hope you find something soon xx

MillyStar Mon 10-Feb-14 14:20:27

2/3 days per week, i work 2 now and she goes to her nanas for the other day, if i can find a job for 3 days she will go to nursery twice!

I know lots and lots of people go for the part time jobs, i just don't know how i can stand out, i'm trying my hardest and i'm so sick of the knock backs

Gladvent Mon 10-Feb-14 14:21:32

I have employed people of all shapes and sizes. It really shouldn't come into it (and if it does it would mean a nasty workplace). Part time work is hard to find though. Good luck in your job search.

MillyStar Mon 10-Feb-14 14:22:09

I am losing weight at the moment so i'm not happy about it but i genuinely feel confident/nice/happy etc when i go for the jobs

Ahhh suppose i just have to believe in fate and keep trying

JeanSeberg Mon 10-Feb-14 14:22:17

Are you applying for jobs direct or are you also registered with agencies?

After each unsuccessful application, ring up for some feedback on why you didn't get the job.

Also consider full-time roles where you could negotiate a 4-day week.

SingMoreWhenYoureWinning Mon 10-Feb-14 14:24:45

I'd say for every ten jobs i apply for i hear back from two and I've had about ten interviews.

I used to work freelance for a recruitment company. I'd have one job and 50 CVs, with only 5 interviews to allocate.

CV checking is brutal. Firstly, I'd weed out the 'obvious' No's...CVs that literally had nothing to do with the type of job applied for...or one's that contradicted the job ad (stating no driving licence when own car was essential/uni grads trying their luck when ad explicitly says 3 years experience required...that sort of thing).

Then it's more a game of chance as you have to whittle somehow. 25 CVs left. 20 to go. Spelling mistake = GONE. Bad grammar = gone. Crumpled/stained paper = gone. Over 2 pages (except for very high-end jobs = gone.

Then maybe 10 left. Read the profile...pick the 5 which have the most relevant to the job ad.
Are you changing your CV for EVERY job you apply for? Literally, every one. Read the job ad and copy and paste bits into your profile if necessary.

It is difficult but think of the sheer volume of CVs you'll be up against. Also, always email and ask for feedback...whether after an actual interview or even just when your CV hasn't got you to interview stage. Ask why. Lots won't bother to reply but some will, and that sort of feedback is priceless.

bodygoingsouth Mon 10-Feb-14 14:27:35

it's tough. flowers

Dollslikeyouandme Mon 10-Feb-14 14:29:06

It is hard, 10 years ago I always got interviews/job offers. These days even with 10 years more experience I rarely get an interview.

LittleBonnie Mon 10-Feb-14 14:48:03

Could you try applying for retail or hospitality positions? I know it's not really what you are looking for but you might be more likely to get a part time job in those sectors (and the pay probably won't be that much different to secretarial work).

Also, it might be worth spreading the word that you are looking for employment, eg put a message out on facebook to all your friends and ask them to share. I work in a smallish office and lots of the recruitment is done by word of mouth/recommend a friend/people sending in CVs etc. rather than by the company putting out adverts or via recruitment agencies. Some companies are still quite old fashioned and have limited budgets!!

TiredFeet Mon 10-Feb-14 14:59:19

Have you asked someone to review you cv? I have helped friends and family with cv's and they are often letting themselves down, you really do need to get as much input as possible
And do you tweak you cv/covering letter for every job? Vitally important I think.
It is very tough though, we had 100 applicants for an admin position recently!

FoxesRevenge Mon 10-Feb-14 15:24:15

The only time I think size would come into it is if they think you're likely to be off work sick due to illnesses associated with being overweight. I know, this sounds ridiculous but I know people who think like this.
The funny thing is, I work with someone who is morbidly obese and she takes no more time off sick than anyone else!

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