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to be bloody annoyed with BHS delivery to store.

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Filimou Mon 10-Feb-14 12:24:07

I placed an order 2nd February.
When you initially place the order you get text in BIG RED LETTERS on the screen, advising me that my order will be there no later than Thursday the 6th February.
Strangely this date did not appear on my confirmation email, or when I log into my account. It said that it could take 3 to 5 working days.
I have received 3 random blank texts with just "BHS your order" on them, so I have then had to waste time chasing those to find out why they are texting me.
I had an email on Wednesday to let me know it had been dispatched and it should be in store in two working days (that was Friday). I have not heard anything at all. So I called to see what was happening (more time wasted chasing the order) and was advised it could be up to two weeks.
It just seems ridiculous, that you could give one date when the order is placed, another date on the confirmation, YET another date when it is dispatched and STILL another date when I call to query it.
Sorry I know this rambly, I am just really annoyed and have no-one to vent at.
(I arranged to pick up from store as no-one is at home in the week so I can just pick it up in my lunch break, wouldve been quicker just missing the home delivery and picking it up at the weekend).

Theknacktoflying Mon 10-Feb-14 20:10:25

YAnbu - It is amazing just how complicated the whole pick up from store thing has become.

I just want a date when I can collect the item from the shop - no updates as to when it is shipped or order is pending.

My pet hate is the M&S store pick-up - always a long queue, heavily understaffed and when you choose a date - the small print is that it will only be available from lunchtime that day ...

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