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To give DD my old iphone 5 for her 12th bday?

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cls77 Sun 09-Feb-14 21:34:48

I'm getting an early upgrade, DD's nokia has packed up and she thinks she may get my old one in September? Apparently all her friends have them, but I really don't know? It'll be PAYG with no insurance (unless anyone knows of one that covers school ?)

AgentZigzag Sun 09-Feb-14 21:38:22

Yes! Why wouldn't you?

I'm just imagining her face when she's sees it smile (with full parental controls installed of course)

And you'll have the bonus of being able to/threatening her with taking it off her if she's a pain wink

cls77 Sun 09-Feb-14 21:40:03

Lol Agent! Very true, how do parental controls work? And is there a way of registering an Apple ID for her that I manage?

Iwannalaylikethisforever Sun 09-Feb-14 21:40:21

My older kids both have hand me down iPhones
3 contract £6.90 per month
Personally I would give other presents.
If she really wants it, she's likely to look after it.
Only you know if she is responsible enough.
I don't think losing it at school is relevant, does your household insurance cover it?

AnyFuleKno Sun 09-Feb-14 21:42:15

I'd be worried about it getting nicked tbh. That's an expensive phone

DustBunnyFarmer Sun 09-Feb-14 21:46:20

An iPhone 5 for a 12 year old? Really? The world's gone mad. What are you planning to get her for her 18th - her own place?

starballbunny Sun 09-Feb-14 21:46:25

Parental controls on apple is easy. Settings - general restrictions.

All I have set is password immediate but you can block all sorts of things.

I have never bothered Internet safety in this house is talking not blocking.

AgentZigzag Sun 09-Feb-14 21:47:28

Fuck knows about the parental controls, I've never had an ipad, but we got caught out with DD1 when she was 12 and had her first online phone (close internet random contact), it's definitely worth putting the time into researching it on google etc, because all that internet can be tempting to a 12 YO and it's all too easy access for the sick fucks.

HadABadDay2014 Sun 09-Feb-14 21:47:41

I would but not on payg get a rolling contract tesco do a cap as well.

It works out a lot cheaper than payg.

MrRected Sun 09-Feb-14 21:49:49

Why on earth not. I'd be giving the hand me down phone and a few other presents too.

My 9 year old started a new school and catches the bus - I happily gave him my old 4s. No big deal, it's just a phone.

HadABadDay2014 Sun 09-Feb-14 21:50:00

Parental controls

Dontletthemgetyoudown Sun 09-Feb-14 21:50:16

Ds1 has my old iPhone 4S. It's insured through protect my bubble. He's at college as 16 but no restrictions on it not being insured at school as far as I'm aware.

Ds2 was 12 last week and I just gave him my samsung galaxy s4 as got an upgrade. He's over the moon with it. I'll insure it with protect my bubble and he's put his Giffgaff sim in it (ds1 is on giffgaff too).

Dd1 is 8 in March and asked for a blue iphone. I've told her no way.

starballbunny Sun 09-Feb-14 21:50:28

As for it being nicked, I guess that depends in the school. I worried a lot when DD1 started taking her iPod touch and a much cheaper smart phone (still about £300 in total to replace).

Touch wood she still has both in working order several years later.

MrRected Sun 09-Feb-14 21:51:12

Use the restrictions function. You can set it up with as much or little as you like.

Dontletthemgetyoudown Sun 09-Feb-14 21:51:17

Giffgaff cheaper than the tesco one linked as it has a data allowance.

MrsJoeHart Sun 09-Feb-14 21:53:09

Why not? My dd's both have old iPhones of ours on cheapo monthly contracts. If they lose them they'll be replaced by a £10 phone which they won't want, so they look after them.

backwardpossom Sun 09-Feb-14 21:53:20

Just don't let her take it to school. Then you don't need to worry about the insurance smile

fed up confiscating bloody iphones

HadABadDay2014 Sun 09-Feb-14 22:02:08

Do giffgaff do caps, otherwise I would be worried a 12 year old going over and the op being faced with a huge bill. looks like better deals though

mysteryfairy Sun 09-Feb-14 22:10:02

My 12 year old DD has an old one of mine. It's insured via my bank account, no issue with taking it to school that I know of. At her recent birthday party 9 out of 10 girls had them so it's not a way out thing for this age group. I don't see the point in not giving it to her. The technology will be so dated in a couple of years she might as well get the benefit now.

cls77 Sun 09-Feb-14 22:10:53

DD keeps her phone in her blazer pocket which they aren't allowed to take off, I've used the "if you lose it you'll get the cheapest phone going as replacement" since September and she's not yet lost it, so here's hoping?!
We do talk a lot about internet safety and she isn't allowed on fb, snapchat or twitter, but is on Instagram and Skype - both with full access to me as it's on my iPad.
She's had a shitty 18months to be fair, so maybe I just want to see her smile properly? If she loses it tough! I think I'll look at the rolling contract and insurance side before deciding properly then?

Oh and DustBunny for her 18th it'll be a yacht!! grin

BrianTheMole Sun 09-Feb-14 22:12:57

Yes I would. Can you put the code thing on it so its of no use to anyone else if they steal it? I'd look into insurance too, but it might be pricey.

AgentZigzag Sun 09-Feb-14 22:13:08

'Oh and DustBunny for her 18th it'll be a yacht!!'

Good choice grin

BrianTheMole Sun 09-Feb-14 22:14:26

Oh yes, a yacht certainly is a good choice too grin

LindyHemming Sun 09-Feb-14 22:16:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

foreverondiet Sun 09-Feb-14 23:57:26

My DD has an iPod... Not sure I would give her my iPhone for a school - I plan to keep it for as long as I can and get cheaper line rental for me rather than an early upgrade. Even then you could sell on eBay...

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