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To not know how to heal this

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BrawToken Sun 09-Feb-14 13:05:48

My 5 year old had a bad graze on her knee which was scabbing over nicely but it got stuck to her leggings yesterday and the whole scab came off (extremely gently after a soaking in the bath but still bled a lot). Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process given that it is right on the bend of her knee?

She is currently in shorts!

FoxesRevenge Sun 09-Feb-14 13:07:41

Loosely attach a plaster to it so that the air still gets to it but clothing won't rub on it.

Monetbyhimself Sun 09-Feb-14 13:10:03

I find hydrogen peroxide is brilliant for cleaning up mucky hard to heal cuts. And keep it covered. If it's too big for a plaster then you can buy small dressings like melolin or primapore.

BrawToken Sun 09-Feb-14 13:14:35

Thank you both, might get some HP as don't have any. She has a swimming lesson on Tues so do you think she should give it a miss as they aren't allowed plasters?

londonrach Sun 09-Feb-14 13:15:52

Get some melolin and use mefix or surgical tape to hold in place around all the edges so nothing is attached to the wound and hopefully stop her tights/leggings pulling the scab off.

fusspot66 Sun 09-Feb-14 13:21:34

Go to a pharmacy and ask for some hydrocolloid dressings such as Comfeel Compeed Duoderm or Similar. They are properly waterproof, will speed healing, be very comfy. Rinse knee clean with warm previously boiled water and dry the surrounding skin to improve plaster stickability. Those plasters can be left on up to 5 days, Are v user friendly. If your DC knee goes red and throbby seek medical advice but all should be well. Child will forget poorly knee faster if wearing trousers so they can't see it and obsess. I work in wound care. HTH

fusspot66 Sun 09-Feb-14 13:22:35

Hydrocolloids are ok for swimming.

fusspot66 Sun 09-Feb-14 13:24:17

I second the Melolin and micropore in the short term but it will stick to the wound.

BrawToken Sun 09-Feb-14 13:24:21

Thank you everyone, very grateful for advice! Fusspot, I am definitely going to get some hydrocolloid for the wound and the cupboard as she's not the only accident prone member of the family

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