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AIBU to think the neighbour should turn the music down at this time of night?

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jenny99 Sat 08-Feb-14 23:58:42

Not sure what to do....Next door to me is a lovely lady and her 5 yo daughter, and their live in nanny. When the nanny is home alone (during the day) she often has music on very loud, which doesn't really bother me that much. This evening she is obviously on her own and the music is on so loud. We all moved here in September, and this is the first time it's happened in the evening. I don't know them very well but they all seem nice enough. Had a similar problem 20 years ago when neighbours in flat below used to play music to ridiculous levels and we ended up having huge fall out. Don't want that to happen now so am not sure how to tackle this. Really don't want to cause any friction, but it could be that they don't realise I can hear it? AIBU? it is nearly midnight? But it is a one far... TIA x

FoxesRevenge Sun 09-Feb-14 00:04:06

Possibly grin and bear it tonight but pop a polite note through their door tomorrow asking if they could be mindful of the volume in future.

jenny99 Sun 09-Feb-14 00:08:25

Thanks - definitely will grin and bear it tonight - just not sure about tackling it going forward without pissing them off unnecessarily? Hadn't thought about a note - good option.

dollymixedup Sun 09-Feb-14 02:28:55

I'd leave it unless it becomes a regular thing, once every 4/5 months is not something to get in a tizzy about, annoying but such is life sometimes.

mindthegap01 Sun 09-Feb-14 17:05:43

When I was a kid our neighbours' sons had noisy parties when their parents were away. My dad's solution? Turning speakers to the walls and blasting Handel's Messiah back at them from 6am.

LetZygonsbeZygons Sun 09-Feb-14 17:25:06

at 23;58 when you posted that music should have been turned down at 11pm by law.

once in a while or not its not on to do that.

glammanana Sun 09-Feb-14 17:44:22

mindthegap my dad used to do the same but we had an old range cooker/fire and dad would sit the the radio inside the oven for maximum effect.
I would try and catch the nanny on her own and say you could hear the music and next time she was one her own would she please be a bit more considerate,maybe the older lady does have a hearing problem and they don't realise they are disturbing you,perhaps people have never complained before ? or maybe thats why they moved ? all different reasons really. best of luck.

mindthegap01 Sun 09-Feb-14 18:17:44

glammanana that is genius! Will suggest it to my dad. I agree, have a quiet word with the nanny. Hopefully you can keep it friendly and it won't happen again, good luck.

jenny99 Mon 10-Feb-14 17:57:54

Thanks for suggestions - yes, most important thing to me is keep it my 12 yo had a bad day at school sad so I played him Tell me why I don't like Mondays at full blast twice....Maybe she will have heard it and realised if she can hear my music I can hear hers....let's see what happens...won't make a fuss just yet...

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