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To be so bothered by this.

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Latara Sat 08-Feb-14 23:29:43

I'm working as an HCA in hospital (I'm actually a Staff Nurse but was seriously ill so I'm working as an HCA until May).

A new HCA called Ana had a go at me during a very stressful and busy morning saying she ''can't do all the patients' washes myself'' (I'd only said that someone needed to do a tea round soon which prompted her outburst, even though no-one expected her to do all the washes).

Ana then said in front of all the staff that she'd ''been on her own all morning'' despite the fact I'd worked with her and I did half our allocated washes plus gave out all the breakfasts.
I worked really hard that day and was angry that she implied that I didn't pull my weight.
She even told another HCA that she'd timed me doing a wash (and told her I took longer that I actually did).

The nurse in charge spoke to Ana privately so she seems ok with me now - to my face.
But I don't understand why she picked on me in the first place and I don't know if she's still watching me and bitching behind my back.
The other staff seem to like me and think I work hard enough.

I'm on anti-psychotic medication for paranoia and I can't let this incident jeopardise my chance of becoming an SN again in May by becoming ill again.
AIBU to have let this bother me? I suppose she's hit a nerve because I really am worried that I'm bad at my job sad

hiddenhome Sat 08-Feb-14 23:43:21

She's jealous because you're a qualified nurse. Don't let it get to you, some HCAs are difficult like this. It's a sort of rivalry.

I'm a qualified nurse too and sometimes encounter HCAs with chips on their shoulders.

Well done for returning to work. Look after yourself and make sure you get enough rest. Ignore the numpties grin

Famzilla Sun 09-Feb-14 01:16:43

She's jealous/ trying to prove she's "better" than you by undermining you.

I'm a staff (Mental health) nurse and have unfortunately encountered some people like this. I have reported them to the ward manager for bullying, because that's what it is.

Sorry you have been unwell, try and stay focused on your patients and doing what you do best.

Shonajoy Sun 09-Feb-14 02:58:06

Yep, jealousy. My daughter has just started her nursing degree and on placement she's been dogsbody (fair enough) and totally picked on by lazy HCA who decide to go for a fag break, or celebrate a birthday with a cake at handover time for an hour while my dd did her best with doing all the OBS and the tea round. Even the patients were saying it wasn't fair but she's got to do it.

innisglas Sun 09-Feb-14 05:22:27

I think just the very fact that she took the time to time you working, speaks for itself.

Nomama Sun 09-Feb-14 12:13:51

May I be blunt? You know you have problems, you are dealing with your paranoia in a healthy and monitored manner. You can see your way back to a happier workplace with more responsibility, money, satisfaction etc.

Her paranoia is of the undiagnosable type, it is part of her personality. As a bitter woman she will never ever achieve satisfaction or happiness in her work. As innisglas says, the mere fact that she timed you and thought it was OK to say she had, shows she has little to do with job satisfaction or working as part of a team.

Do your job. Enjoy getting better. Leave all thoughts of her behind. DO NOT allow her smallness, petty vindictiveness, set you back in any way.

Oh, and use my favourite trick when faced with one of life's piranhas. Smile, it just confuses them grin

chocolatemademefat Mon 10-Feb-14 00:11:55

She's a workplace bully. The best way to deal with her is to smile at her when she's in a strop. Speak to the patients who will appreciate your attention and ignore her - bullies hate people who don't care about their opinion. I know its not easy as you've been having some problems but don't let this person spoil your return to your nursing career - if she's so clever why is she not progressing through the ranks? There's nothing wrong with being an HCA but she sounds resentful of the fact its a temporary thing for you. Good luck in May - I'm sure you'll be ready for your old job by then.

tallwivglasses Mon 10-Feb-14 01:10:21

You've named tyour nemesis. Not a good idea. I'll report this and see what mnhq think. In the meantime, take notes and take all the good advice you've been offered x

NoodleOodle Mon 10-Feb-14 02:11:42

Has anyone ever been in a hospital where there isn't an HCA on the staff named Ana? It's such a common name and position that nobody could possibly be recognised by it, could they? It would be like saying I got served in a pub by a barmaid called Sarah...

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