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unemployed, Housing advice and a single mom.

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tikkaboti Sat 08-Feb-14 20:35:15

Hi everyone, It's been months since I ran away from ex and started living at the refuge. Sadly, it's not a safe haven to live in. You tend to come across most people as rough, street-like, rude, psycho and quite blunt frankly. My purpose of writing this post is due to the above mentioned problem. I am being harassed at the refuge and I again find myself at the end of my tether. I want to move out of this refuge, due to constant harrassment of this particular woman and find that our issues are not being resolved by the case worker or the management team either.

As my caseworker is taking things very slowly, Im quite frustrated and I am now looking for other options. Like, search for a council housing on my own. I am looking for a council property in east croydon. The refuge where I am living at the moment, house their residents in East or North of London. Any ideas how the Croydon council or any other council would be able to help me in this?

Joules68 Sat 08-Feb-14 20:37:39

Same way as everyone else, you go on the list. But it's likely to be a long long wait in that area

Joules68 Sat 08-Feb-14 20:37:58

Same way as everyone else, you go on the list. But it's likely to be a long long wait in that area

GertyD Sat 08-Feb-14 21:16:16

If you are in a refuge, escaping domestic abuse then you are considered as homeless, and can approach any local authority for assistance. You do not need to have a connection there, as you are unsafe where you do have a connection. You can make a homeless application to Croydon Council. If you have any issues, then Shelter London can assist. The waiting times may be long though, but it is the same all over London. Hav a look at the links:

missymarmite Sat 08-Feb-14 21:20:50

I know it might not be ideal, children at school and all that, but is it possible to move out of London altogether?

AwfulMaureen Sat 08-Feb-14 22:07:38

HAve you spoken to the council directly? It's not "the same as everyone else" as *Joules" put it. You should be a priority!

tikkaboti Sun 09-Feb-14 15:09:00

Sadly, Maureen I did approach the council and filled a homeless application form. The person incharge of my query sent an email to my case worker and requested to authorize him to find a suitable place for me to live. My case worker along with my family case worker persuaded me to not look for a place yet as I am still going through a troubled time and I need more help to handle it on my own when I leave the refuge.

The council did inform me that I will me put on a priority list and might be able to find a place for me to live very soon given that case is DV case.

Sadoldbag Sun 09-Feb-14 15:23:22

You need to find a job in my area my LA are putting the low paid working to the top of the list

candycoatedwaterdrops Sun 09-Feb-14 15:36:41

Do you have any children?

tikkaboti Sun 09-Feb-14 15:59:43

What Area is it Sadolbag? Ive got two girls. One of them is in Year one and the other has started Nursery. Problem is, If I look for a job it has to be at least £8-£10 per hr and Part-time.

tikkaboti Sun 09-Feb-14 16:13:15

At the moment, since there is so much going on with me and frankly I am so overwhelmed by it that I am finding it difficult where to place my hands on things atm. And on top of that Im living with a nagging Psycho as my neighbour to bring it all bearing down on me that I'm unable to take constructive and sensible steps right now. Im thinking of going for level 3 access course in health-care (nursing), but it doesn't start until September. My case worker did mention that they will start looking for a property for me at the end of march. But im thinking to move out before then because of the stress inducing situation im living in.

Jobcentre plus is urging me to look for a job soon before im being moved out as that would help me get a good accommodation somewhere and not think about persuing a career at the moment. They said that thy will be calling me for a job-based interview to find out what's been happening lately.

AwfulMaureen Sun 09-Feb-14 17:16:21

tikka don't move out...not if the case worker is going to help you. It's very important that you utilize the help on offer. Jobcentre plus can tell you that all they want...they can't make you. Tell your caseworker what they for the nutty neighbour, don't react...just avoid. STAY PUT until the get you secure accomodation...a council house or flat.

fifi669 Sun 09-Feb-14 17:29:38

Why does the job need to be £8-10ph?

AwfulMaureen Sun 09-Feb-14 17:36:36

fifi I would assume so that the OP can afford childcare!

LIZS Sun 09-Feb-14 17:42:25

Would you not qualify for EY funding for 2yr old ? But if you are that unsettled maybe you shouldn't be working atm, presumably you can claim IS and no be forced to work by JC?

tikkaboti Mon 10-Feb-14 00:39:26

The reason being for going for at least £8-£10 per hr is due to the fact of having two children and when i move into a new accommodation I would some financial support to fall back on. Or do u guys think that I really shouldnt look for work right now?

AwfulMaureen Mon 10-Feb-14 00:51:36

It's not about if you shouldn't look for work but more a case of getting your two agencies to work together. What you need to do is tell your caseworker that you're worried about work...about childcare and about being homeless...if your stress levels are that high, then you should be on the sick...not working. I can't imagine living in a hostel like you describe and then starting a new don't even have a home!

fifi669 Mon 10-Feb-14 10:08:06

You don't need to earn that much for childcare. Tax credits pay 70% of costs.

Though I'd agree on getting yourself settled in a permanent home before worrying about finding a job.

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