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To have felt quite uncomfortable with this situation?

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ClaudiusGalen Sat 08-Feb-14 14:12:09

I have been having an ongoing telephone/broadband issue which could be the subject of a thread itself, but finally got a BT engineer to come out this morning.

About half-way through fixing the fault he asked if I was the account holder or my husband. I said it was me, he looked at my left hand and said 'Oh, if I'd have known you were single I'd have been flirting with you from the start'. I must have looked shocked because he then said 'oh sorry, I'm just a sucker for a pretty face'. I'm absolutely not attractive, so do not usually have to deal with these sorts of situations. I mumbled something about checking on the dog and left the room. A bit later he went outside to deal with something and when he came back in said 'It's cold out, I could do with a cuddle to warm up'. Then he winked at me.

As he was doing his final checks he asked for my phone number to test the line, then asked if I wanted his. I said no and he said that it didn't matter because he had mine and he knows where I live anyway. As he left the house he said he was sorry if he'd made me uncomfortable (must have been really obvious) but he just really liked my glasses!

AIBU to think that this was a really uncomfortable situation and that workmen should not make advances towards you in your own home?

NK5BM3 Sat 08-Feb-14 14:14:51

Omg. I would definitely complain to BT and do it big time. You do not need to suffer such harassment, let alone in your own house!!!!

cupoftchai Sat 08-Feb-14 14:15:59

Complain. And consider police too.

YouTheCat Sat 08-Feb-14 14:16:24

Report him to BT. He really should not be behaving like that towards customers to begin with and the fact that he made you noticeably uncomfortable and then still persisted is worrying.

AmberLeaf Sat 08-Feb-14 14:16:28

Eurgh! I would report him, that was all beyond inappropriate.

What a creep.

Scarletohello Sat 08-Feb-14 14:17:01

Very inappropriate and unprofessional to say the least. I would also complain.

Pollydon Sat 08-Feb-14 14:18:20

Complain to BT, do it today !

Only1scoop Sat 08-Feb-14 14:19:00

Ugh I wonder what he was doing when he had to pop outside confused

MrsSteptoe Sat 08-Feb-14 14:20:21

Without a doubt, report him. Plenty of women would find that intimidating, never mind just creepy and unwelcome.

ClaudiusGalen Sat 08-Feb-14 14:20:45

It was really weird, like he was just being friendly and then just changed all of a sudden. He was here for 2 and a half hours and the last hour and a half I was pretty scared.

I think I will complain, I couldn't work out if I was over-reacting and he was just being friendly and a bit socially inept but it made me really uncomfortable.

Phone and broadband are actually with Sky, but of course BT engineer needed when it goes wrong. I think I'll have to go through Sky to complain as I don't have a BT account.

KenDoddsDadsDog Sat 08-Feb-14 14:21:04

Call BT Security 0800321999

Topaz25 Sat 08-Feb-14 14:23:09

Do complain. His comments were really inappropriate, especially the one about knowing where you live! Creepy. He is in a position of trust where he goes into peoples homes when they are alone. His behaviour was unprofessional and unacceptable.

Topaz25 Sat 08-Feb-14 14:24:50

I would complain to BT and Sky. Sky because you are their customer and BT because he is their employee.

Shallishanti Sat 08-Feb-14 14:25:59

you should definitely complain, engineers etc are in a position of trust in that they work unsupervised in people's homes, he has abused that trust
you are not over reacting
it's possible he is socially inept, in which case he needs some training- he won't get that unless his employers know what he's like in peoples homes

oldgrandmama Sat 08-Feb-14 14:29:34

That's awful and you must have felt somewhat threatened. DO complain, to Sky, BT, whoever. I was in that situation with some men who came to mend my roof ... my insurers told me to use them but after their appalling behaviour, and on the advice of an electrician who was repairing something in my house at the time (unknown to the roofing men - and thank god electrician WAS there, otherwise I'd have felt very threatened and vulnerable) I complained to the insurers who'd told me to use them.

Result: the awful men lost the recommendations of the insurer, but frankly, I wish now I'd also contacted the Police.

Gruntfuttock Sat 08-Feb-14 14:31:58

As others have said, you must complain, his behaviour was unacceptable, unprofessional and creepy in the extreme. It wasn't even just one ill-advised comment, he just kept on and on. Just disgraceful.

JuliaScurr Sat 08-Feb-14 14:36:18

definitely complain
completely unacceptable
ask about their training policy - it is obviously inadequate

cupoftchai Sat 08-Feb-14 14:37:14

Given that u felt scared and he stayed for so long I would seriously consider police. He was completely inappropriate, and he made a threat. He will have done this to others and he will keep escalating his behaviour in the future.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Sat 08-Feb-14 14:38:25

You must complain. You deserve an apology. His behaviour was inappropriate at best. He will be going into other peoples houses too - he shouldn't be allowed to do this to anyone else.

Cravey Sat 08-Feb-14 14:38:47

Complain. This would have made me very anxious. I have issues so that's why however how was he to know your background. The last place anyone should feel like this is at home. Complain.

ClaudiusGalen Sat 08-Feb-14 14:39:09

On hold with Sky. Still feeling a bit shaky.

GingerBlondecat Sat 08-Feb-14 14:45:29

*Holds your hand Darlin*

You are definitely doing the right thing reporting this creep

cupoftchai Sat 08-Feb-14 14:47:47

Good on u. U r doing the right thing. Let us know how it goes!

TheOneWithTheHair Sat 08-Feb-14 14:48:45

You are doing the right thing. That's hideous for you.

ChippingInWadesIn Sat 08-Feb-14 14:49:13

Creepy bloke. Good luck with getting through to Sky & BT.

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