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to be paranoid about keys

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32maria Fri 07-Feb-14 22:48:51

My brother left his car at the garage al day and overnight as it needed fixing. He gave the garage the entire bunch of keys which included the house keys and his car keys. I am having slightly irrational thoughts now. I would never leave my house keys with anyone. Is it crazy to think a member of staff might make a copy overnight and then rob the house at some point. Probably me being post baby paranoid but am a bit concerned now. Aibu?!

CoffeeTea103 Fri 07-Feb-14 22:52:32

Yanbu, I would feel the same. House are something you just don't leave with anyone.

scantilymad Fri 07-Feb-14 22:53:10

YANBU. I only ever leave one car key at the garage. Not so much because I worry about security (although can see your point) but because it would be pretty hard to go about the rest of my day without my keys. Pretty silly thing for your DB to do. Assuming he lives with someone who could let him in/no work keys on the bunch too?

32maria Fri 07-Feb-14 22:56:46

Thanks!he lives with us at the moment and I was home to let him in so he didn't need the keys all day. Arrggh. I feel quite stressed out now...I was hoping I was being unreasonable. ..! He is in the bad books now!!! : /

scantilymad Fri 07-Feb-14 23:00:32

Oh I didn't realise he was living with you! Def not BU then! They weren't really his keys to leave if they are a spare set for your home. That's really not on at all. Can he pop back to the garage tomorrow to pick the non-car keys up? Least he can do to put your mind at rest (and I'm sure you have nothing to worry about btw).

Either that or put his on night watch for the rest of his stay as punishment!

32maria Fri 07-Feb-14 23:04:43

He had attached his car key to the house key and just handed the whole bunch over. Its a well known car company so I am sure they deal with this all the time but it still makes me uneasy..I think you are right wil put him on security watch tonight as his punishment!!! Keys will be back tomorrow when they drop the car back home.

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