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Letting your kids travel

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mummymoo47 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:01:04

Hi guys please help me decide!!??
I live in Barnet and my 14 year old daughter and her 11 year old friend wants to go to watford which takes 2 busess. She really wants to go! I would take her myself but I have work to do! What shall i do let her go, or not?

teenagetantrums Fri 07-Feb-14 19:03:59

I would at 13 my DD was going everywhere on the bus alone in London, but she had to get two to school anyway. What does her friends mum say?

NoodleOodle Fri 07-Feb-14 19:06:49

Yes, for the 14 yr old if they are of typical maturity. I would have reservations about the 11yr old, and defer to their parents for that, but would think they would have to be quite confident, sensible, and mature for their age for it to be ok.

BikeRunSki Fri 07-Feb-14 19:07:29

What do the 11 year old's parent think?
In the rose- tinted 1970s I was allowed to go to school on the tube by myself once a week at 8 years old (half a mile walk, 3 stops, change at Victoria). By secondary school I was a free agent on London Transport with my school travel card. It only went wrong once, when I was about 13 and got the 137 bus on the wrong side of Oxford Street and ended up in Archway instead of Chelsea Bridge.

But this is all me (most boringly sensible child in the world) 30 years ago.

mummymoo47 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:32:16

her parents let her go to places like brent cross shopping centre with her other friends and for 11 she is really sensible. I think i will let her go, jjust hope she dosnt get lost haha. Thanks for all you advice guys, sorry for all the posts im not very good with computers

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