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To want to cuddle my sleeping ds all day? (Lighthearted)

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PumpkinPie2013 Fri 07-Feb-14 09:21:54

He's just so so cute and cuddly smile

He's 10 weeks and currently snoozing my chest and I could literally sit all day and cuddle/kiss him!

Just love looking at his cute little face and kissing his little head of soft hair.

Plus I can smell the Johnson's bath stuff on him smile

Anyone else think new baby cuddles are ace? grin

callamia Fri 07-Feb-14 09:27:10

Do it do it!
I'm still in bed with my 17 week old who has fallen asleep across me. It's the best start to a day.

tshirtsuntan Fri 07-Feb-14 09:30:28

Do it! grin wish I had done it more often, they grow too fast and all the boring stuff can wait.

TerrariaMum Fri 07-Feb-14 09:33:16

Of course YANBU. Enjoy the snuffly snuggly bits. It doesn't stop you know. I snuggled my 3 year old yesterday and my nearly 10 mo this morning.

MrsReacher85 Fri 07-Feb-14 09:33:45

Please do! My DS is now 17mo and will not sleep past 6am, I look back on those newborn days with serious longing just for sitting and cuddling.

We have a poem framed on his wall with the verse
"The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
For babies grow up, as I've learned to my sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep."

Which is all the justification you need to stay right where you are!

Minicreamegg Fri 07-Feb-14 09:34:04

Aw I have a 10 week old, but also having a toddler means I can't get as much baby cuddles as I'd like!

I'm just about to bath the 2 of them so they'll be smelling lovely all day smile

msmoss Fri 07-Feb-14 09:35:43

YANBU I know it's a total cliche but this stage is over so quickly that you really just have to enjoy these moments whilst they last.

bigwellylittlewelly Fri 07-Feb-14 09:37:03

My 8mo woke me up for a play at 5.30am, I got the last laugh though as she then fell back asleep in my arms ans sjuggled there until 8.30.

Both babies have slept on me for hours and hours, do it!

ipswichwitch Fri 07-Feb-14 09:38:11

I'm having a lovely cuddle with 8 week old DS2. DS1 is at nursery, I have my phone, the remote, a cup of tea and a Lindt chocolate bunny all within reaching distance so I'm sorted for a good long while. smile

RayPurchase Fri 07-Feb-14 09:39:14

That's exactly what you should be doing!

CaptainHindsight Fri 07-Feb-14 09:47:03

I still like to get in bed with my 9 y/o DS and love it when he falls asleep with his great big gangling limbs thrown over me and his almost man size hands holding mine.

Would love to borrow a tiny one for chest snuggles though! DS is only about 5 inches shorter than me now grin

Littlegreyauditor Fri 07-Feb-14 09:56:15

Currently having sleepy cuddles with my big, strapping, vigorously independent 15 month old. He scooched into my armpit, all delighted chuckles to himself, and is now roosting there looking pleased.

There is very little that cannot wait when there are snuggles on offer.

Hoppinggreen Fri 07-Feb-14 09:58:26

When my 5 and 9 year old are asleep I think they look like the cute little babies they once were. Quite often I sneak into their beds and snuggle them without waking them up so I don't just get " gerrof mum"

Felyne Fri 07-Feb-14 10:10:14

Do it. Don't listen to anyone saying you need to 'train them to sleep in their cot' or anything. Just enjoy newborn snuggles, they are lush. I have so many photos on my phone of my children asleep which I love to look at, their faces are so peaceful.

kilmuir Fri 07-Feb-14 10:12:53

Enjoy it. I spent lots of time doing it with my 4dc.

YippeeKiYayMakkaPakka Fri 07-Feb-14 11:57:29

YANBU. Enjoy it, they're not tiny for long <wistful> smile

MinesAPintOfTea Fri 07-Feb-14 12:09:47

Yanbu. Ds spent most afternoons asleep on my shoulder until 6 months. He now goes down in his cotfor a nap like a dream.

Cookethenook Fri 07-Feb-14 12:46:27

Yes! Do it! They are just SO lovely when they're small. DS2 is now 8 months and can't sit on me without lunging himself off, pulling my hair or nawing on my chin. I still savour the moments when he falls asleep on me and i can shower him in tiny kisses and give him a massive cuddle smile
DS1 sleeps with his mouth open and farts in his sleep- delightful!

Enjoy it!

StressheadMcGee Fri 07-Feb-14 12:49:52

18 week old DS is currently fast asleep in my lap and it's blissful! We're going to worry about napping in cots etc later, right now I'm enjoying my snuggles.

PumpkinPie2013 Fri 07-Feb-14 13:30:05

Aww thanks everyone smile

Glad lots of you are enjoying or have enjoyed baby snuggles [smile

MrsReacher the poem made me smile!

I'm determind to enjoy all the lovely cuddles as I'm sure he'll soon be a teenager who'd rather stick pins in his eyes than have cuddles smile

I get loads of people say 'oh you shouldn't cuddle to sleep etc.' Well, they can sod off!!

Twattyzombiebollocks Fri 07-Feb-14 13:41:17

Do it. I spent most of last year cuddling my baby, and still love to lie down and snuggle with her when she naps. They are only tiny for such a short time make the most of it!

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