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to have ds' birthday party on mother's day?

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lemonlemon Thu 06-Feb-14 11:03:47

Ooh aren't I well organised? I thought, getting his 4th birthday party all organised so far in advance. Until I realised that I've booked it for sodding mother's day, when I'm guessing most people will be wanting to do family things rather than watching their kids stuff their face with cake and playing pass the parcel.

So my options are either have the party as planned and risk people not coming or try and rearrange it - I've not sent any invites yet but have booked entertainment. What shall I do?!

givemeaclue Thu 06-Feb-14 11:06:50

I personally wouldn't take my kids to a party on Mother's Day, sorry. We like to do something nice as a family

Ifcatshadthumbs Thu 06-Feb-14 11:08:05

I've held ds's party on Father's Day before, everyone came.

littleblackno Thu 06-Feb-14 11:08:22

Wouldn't bother me but i'm a lp and my kids are too young to independently do anything for me.
Maybe have a special cake for the mums who come too?

moominmarvellous Thu 06-Feb-14 11:11:04

I'd go, but I'd be miffed.

NewJobNewLife Thu 06-Feb-14 11:11:12

I wouldn't come, sorry.

Can you see if you can change the entertainment booking?

Mumoftwoyoungkids Thu 06-Feb-14 11:12:48

Oooh - your ds must be almost identical in age to my dd!

Our ideal date for dd's 4th bday party was Sat 29th but hall was booked. We were going to go for Sun 30th and then realised that it was Mother's day so moved to Sat 22nd to avoid.

FWIW last year we had her party on Easter Saturday and the was a low ish take up of invitations so we were keen to avoid any "special" days.

NewJobNewLife Thu 06-Feb-14 11:13:15

I wouldn't come, sorry.

Can you see if you can change the entertainment booking?

jacks365 Thu 06-Feb-14 11:13:56

I wouldn't come sorry because I always spend mothers day with my mother lp no partner

Pagwatch Thu 06-Feb-14 11:15:18

The party is only an hour or two isn't it?
What time of the day is it?

Bramshott Thu 06-Feb-14 11:16:20

Hmm, I've been wrestling with this for DD2's 7th birthday as we're busy Sat 29th. I'm thinking that too many people will probably be planning a long lunch with grandma so I think we'll go for the weekend before.

No harm in at least asking the entertainer if he/she can change the date?

Bowlersarm Thu 06-Feb-14 11:16:29

We've done this. Had it in the morning so everyone was free for lunch. Everyone came that we asked.

hootloop Thu 06-Feb-14 11:16:48

We'd come but we don't do mothers day.

LAlady Thu 06-Feb-14 11:16:49

My DD's birthday has been on Mother's Day before, but I wouldn't hold a party on that day. In the past we have turned down invitations to parties on that particular day.

JunoMacGuff Thu 06-Feb-14 11:17:12

I would go and I wouldn't give a shit about a hallmark holiday mothers day bullshit.

Mothers day should be a card and breakfast in bed. Then you get on with your life.

freakydoris Thu 06-Feb-14 11:18:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hootloop Thu 06-Feb-14 11:19:14

I would go and I wouldn't give a shit about a hallmark holiday mothers day bullshit.

Actually that was I meant but didn't want to offend anyone.

CoffeeTea103 Thu 06-Feb-14 11:21:56

I think to avoid disappointment on the day for your DS rather change the date. People might confirm and then on the day realize they would rather not, or might not be happy to plan a day around those few hours. It just worth more hassle, have it on a normal weekend and save yourself the worry.

JunoMacGuff Thu 06-Feb-14 11:22:14


Unless someone on MN is the creator of Mothers day, I don't see how anyone could be offended.

It is nonsense. But, every year I buy DH a valentines card, and that is equally nonsense. And I don't get offended that other people call out the bullshit of the day!

3bunnies Thu 06-Feb-14 11:27:19

It wouldn't bother me but probably would dh as he would think that everyone needs to flap around me, just as he was aghast that I organised dd2's birthday on my own birthday. His good intentions have generally fizzled out by early afternoon. Can you see if there is any possibility of doing it another day?

lemonlemon Thu 06-Feb-14 11:27:22

Hmm mixed opinions! See we don't really do mother's day either which I guess is why it never crossed my mind. The venue can't do the day before and the weekends before and after are out. I'm trying to find another venue for the Saturday, though I am encouraged by the number of you who would come mothers day or not. Hey, maybe I can send you invites grin

Well I am certainly learning the hard way about checking calendars before booking things in!

AwfulMaureen Thu 06-Feb-14 11:28:10

I would come.

Bunbaker Thu 06-Feb-14 11:28:28

I'm amazed at the number of posters on here who wouldn't let their child go. If DD got invited to a party on Mothering Sunday it wouldn't bother me.

It makes me sad to read the number of threads on here from posters who have had low or even zero turnouts for their children's parties and yet many of you are doing just that. Come on, Mothering Sunday isn't that big a deal.

BirthdayMuppet Thu 06-Feb-14 11:31:12

I'd be irritated, yes, but I'd let ds go.

MonsterMunchMe Thu 06-Feb-14 11:31:47

I'd come, I've taken DS to parties on Mother's Day before even though I hve a huge family and we always get together on it it's only a couple of hours and DS loves parties.

It's my birthday on Mother's Day this year. We are all going out for a meal but I'd still take him to an afternoon party if he had one to go to.

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