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AIBU to take DS (7) out of school for an afternoon so that I can go to an appointment?

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WeAreEternal Thu 06-Feb-14 10:40:47

The apointment is for tomorrow.
I cant reschedule the appointment (medical related) as they can't fit me in again until late March, I only got this appointment because someone else canceled last minute.
I really need this apointment, I have been waiting for two months already.

The appointment is in a city 90 minutes away at 2 PM, and is expected to last 1-2 hours, there is no way I would be able to get back in time to collect DS from school.
I don't have anyone who can collect him for me, I have asked but nobody is free.

My only option is to take DS with me. I could take him to school for the morning and then collect him before lunch.

My problem is that I do not want to explain to the school what the appointment is for, it is personal and I don't feel that it is any of their business.
They have history of difficultness and I am concerned that they could refuse to let DS have the afternoon off to attend my appointment.
Although I'm not sure what they could actually do.

Can the school refuse to let me take him out of school in the middle of the day?

I don't like the idea of him missing school, but I really need this appointment.

I am tempted to just call in the morning and say he is ill, but I know that is unreasonable.
And if anyone remembers my other thread they wouldn't believe it anyway without proof.
(Yes the school require proof is a DC is off school sick)

mummymeister Fri 07-Feb-14 13:35:37

NannyOgg - they do have the right to code every absence as unauthorised and every right to refer that unauthorised absence to the LEA for them to take action. what people are suggesting is that maybe if the OP tells the school the situation confidentially they might be a bit more sympathetic to her reasons for taking him out for a day. if you say your child is sick they can make reasonable investigations to find out with what. some schools take it on trust others are asking for a doctors cert.

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