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To give 2-3 year olds pizza at a party?

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TheExcitablePrawn Tue 04-Feb-14 20:43:30

DS is having a party on Sunday for his 3rd birthday. All little guests 2-3 years old.

Would I be being unreasonable to serve cold (maybe hot, depending on oven working at venue, but otherwise cooked night before) pizza instead of sarnies?

Was going to do individual party lunchboxes for each child, but after reading something on the party section on here, have gathered that lots of people think these would be a waste of food for small ones.

Want something fairly cheap and thought pizzas might be easy! Would serve with bowls of toddler-friendly crisps, cut up grapes, little biscuits, and then give guests cake to take home in party bags. Just don't want loads of waste if people think this could be the case.

I occasionally will give at home/let DS and DD (20 months) have pizza if we go out, but not sure if other parents would be horrified at this!

Would you be?!

TheExcitablePrawn Tue 04-Feb-14 20:44:32

Also saves making LOADS of different sandwiches night before/morning of party <lazy>

wyldchyld Tue 04-Feb-14 20:45:34


Nomnom! I'd be happy with pizza and cake. It's a party - no-one will judge you as in this is what you always feed DCs

MyNameIsKenAdams Tue 04-Feb-14 20:45:49

Pizza would be fine, certainly in place of sandwiches. Easier to prep, tastier and kids seem to prefer it.

I write off nutrition for parties etc myself included

Waggamamma Tue 04-Feb-14 20:46:02

Maybe sausage rolls better than cold pizza?

My three year old isn't keen on pizza and would prefer a sandwich, sausage roll or dairylea dunker type thing at a party.

NormHonal Tue 04-Feb-14 20:46:09

My two DCs far prefer pizzas to sandwiches - many do (and don't). I would vote for the pizza, personally!

Lost track of the number of parties where they have spurned the sarnies. Such a waste.

Catsize Tue 04-Feb-14 20:46:11

Think it is much better than the X and chips served at many, but my DS probably wouldn't eat it. His choice, rather than mine though. Can they decorate the pizzas themselves? Huge kitchen carnage prediction... smile

Noggie Tue 04-Feb-14 20:46:42

We did this for my dd birthday and saved loads of time and energy grin

NormHonal Tue 04-Feb-14 20:46:46

Perhaps some cocktail sausages as well for the pizza haters then?

BrownSauceSandwich Tue 04-Feb-14 20:47:22

Ummm... I'm not sure why pizza should be any more horrific than a cheese and tomatoe sandwich. I think they're great for a party, hot or cold. Actually, I think your proposed spread sounds spot on. Why make life harder for yourself?

MrsS28 Tue 04-Feb-14 20:47:23

It's fine. Pizza is party food so people will expect something like this. You could always serve it with carrot / cucumber sticks.

Bogeyface Tue 04-Feb-14 20:47:28

It wouldnt bother me at all, parties are for treats but you need to bear in mind 2 things. A lot of kids dont like cold pizza, it was hardly touched the last time I served it. And a hell of a lot of parents use parties to out perform all the other parents, so will feign utter shock at what you have served and demand to know where the raw veg and hummus is as Tarquin never eats processed foods while tarquin is stealing crisps and chocolate off the other kids!

Sandwiches are less faff imo, especiallly if you do lazy paste ones. Basically empty 2 jars of beef paste (or whatever) into a bowl with a jar sized dollop of butter. Mix, spread thickly onto one slice of bread, put other slice on top. Done! Nigella did this with Marmite and I thought it was genius!

BrownSauceSandwich Tue 04-Feb-14 20:48:12

Tomato. Not tomatoe.

littlebluedog12 Tue 04-Feb-14 20:48:16

Sounds great though it would be better if you could serve it hot.

We did hot dogs and ice cream at DD's 3rd birthday party (her request!) grin

mrscog Tue 04-Feb-14 20:48:25

Is be delighted - DS (23 months) loves pizza! It's not the nutritional abomination everyone makes out in sensible quantities either.

TheExcitablePrawn Tue 04-Feb-14 20:48:25

Oooh so not a complete no-no for pizzas, result! Just wondered if some might be thought of as being too young, but they'll prob eat fuck all anyway grin

catsize Are you mad?!

<faints at thought of decorating pizzas with 17 2 year olds>

olympicsrock Tue 04-Feb-14 20:49:30

My DS aged 2 doesn't like pizza as won't eat cheese - think this is not uncommon but the principle is fine and with cake, fruit , crisps he wouldn't go hungry. Sausage rolls/sausages have been big hits here.
Go for it.

TheGreatHunt Tue 04-Feb-14 20:49:51

Cold pizza is grim and I would judge (for the coldness).

So no.

WorraLiberty Tue 04-Feb-14 20:49:53

Pizza sounds great but they won't all like it

So I second the suggestion of cocktail sausages for those who don't.

CrazyOldCatLady Tue 04-Feb-14 20:53:20

I wouldn't serve cold pizza, to be honest. I'd have no problem with my 3 and 3 year olds being given pizza at a party though; they'd both just deconstruct a sandwich and probably not eat it, but pizza generally goes in (and on!).

CrazyOldCatLady Tue 04-Feb-14 20:53:43

*3 and 2 year olds, not 3 and 3!

TheExcitablePrawn Tue 04-Feb-14 20:53:46

I think I will see if the oven def works there- warm pizza would be nicer I feel?

Will consider sausages for non-pizza eaters.


Aliwithtwins Tue 04-Feb-14 20:55:14

If you were willing to feed and amuse my two year olds I'd be very grateful for anything you offered! Don't throw out the idea of picnic bags though, we did them for our last party. The kids loved them (put half a cream cheese sandwich, a bag of toddler crisps a tangerine a cup cake, a carton of apple juice and a tiny toy in) and there was very little waste 'cos most kids took their bag home, with anything uneaten in it.

VegetariansTasteLikeChicken Tue 04-Feb-14 20:56:29

YABU, think of the mess!

Dairy lea sandwiches or something beige I think!

mygrandchildrenrock Tue 04-Feb-14 21:01:44

We usually serve cold pizza at nursery for our 3-4 yr olds and most of them eat it, far more eat the pizza than sandwiches. We also do cucumber sticks, quavers and cocktail sausages.

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