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to think these people are ghastly snobs

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AgaPanthers Fri 31-Jan-14 15:02:04

"Kim Tasso, 53, said: “My daughter goes to a Richmond school, we pay council tax to Richmond council, the police consider us a Richmond address, yet when I put ‘Whitton’ as my address my post arrives two days late, with ‘Whitton’ crossed out by the Post Office and ‘Hounslow’ written in its place."

So why the fuck doesn't she put the correct address on already, so that her post arrives on time.

This is a house for sale on the road in question:

It certainly LOOKS like Hounslow, and apparently the nearest station is Hounslow, so it should be Hounslow.

So why do these ridiculous people think they live in Richmond? They chose to buy a house in Hounslow, and now they want to redefine it as Richmond?

Anyway, if you are looking for relatively affordable housing around that area, then I suggest you follow in these people's footsteps, and buy in TW3, because you will save a fortune. Just don't go trying to pull the drawbridge up after you've moved in, by redefining it as Richmond.

CecilyP Mon 03-Feb-14 10:46:46

Why not; Whitton is part of Richmond borough? Whitton does not exist as an LA in its own right.

AgaPanthers Mon 03-Feb-14 12:06:42

There is no reason at all in fact why Richmond should have higher rates. The rates don't fund the leafy parks (they are royal parks I think) and poncey restaurants (privately owned).

It's just how things are, perhaps Richmond gets less money from central government, or perhaps they waste more money.

Anyway, the issue is, fundamentally, these people live between Hounslow (which is quite a major, if undesirable, town), and Whitton (which is a dull suburb next to Hounslow), on roads that have historically always been a part of Hounslow. So they don't live in Whitton, they live in Hounslow.

There's nothing to stop them doing most of their day-to-day business in Whitton rather than Hounslow, any more than you could stop someone who lives in Dalston shopping in Islington. But none of that will turn Dalston into Islington, or Hounslow into Whitton.

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