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To think this is appendicitis?

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Sparklymommy Wed 29-Jan-14 06:39:11

Dh not been well since Friday. He's been tired, constantly cold and generally miserable.

Last night he started to complain of a pain in his right hand side. I jokingly said it could be appendicitis but since then it has got gradually worse. He has been up most of the night (this so have I) in pain in his right side that comes and goes but when it comes it is a sharp pain and seems to be lasting longer the longer we leave it.

Wwyd? I'm thinking I should take him to a and e once the kids are at school.

MinesAPintOfTea Wed 29-Jan-14 06:41:39

No, you soups get coats over the kids pyjamas and drop him off at A&E as soon as you can, not wait three more hours.

And I think you might be right.

MinesAPintOfTea Wed 29-Jan-14 06:41:41

No, you soups get coats over the kids pyjamas and drop him off at A&E as soon as you can, not wait three more hours.

And I think you might be right.

MinesAPintOfTea Wed 29-Jan-14 06:41:44

No, you should get coats over the kids pyjamas and drop him off at A&E as soon as you can, not wait three more hours.

And I think you might be right.

goshhhhhh Wed 29-Jan-14 06:42:17

Can you get an emergency GP appointment? If not I would probably take him to a&e. Hope all ok.

MinesAPintOfTea Wed 29-Jan-14 06:42:56

Sorry. You can see I feel strongly about it wink

If he's seen soon he should be fine.

Yes, he needs to get checked out.

When I had appendicitis it was a dull ache across my whole stomach area, getting stronger and more localised as time went on. It was a constant pain though, and I had diarrhoea and vomiting too.

Was horrible but they whipped it out and all fine.
Hope your DH is ok.

Sparklymommy Wed 29-Jan-14 06:45:21

He keeps saying it can't be appendicitis because he isn't "doubled up" in pain.

However I had my appendix out when I was 14. I wasn't "double up" either, and it had almost burst!

He's definitely in pain. Aargh! Can see my day being spent at hospital!

PenguinBear Wed 29-Jan-14 06:46:13

Get him to A + E now!!! Throw the kids in the car and take him now... It's not worth taking the risk of it bursting!

MinesAPintOfTea Wed 29-Jan-14 06:48:51

Well if you're wrong you can owe him some chocolate or something for dragging him out of bed. Now take him and then catch up with him once DC are at school.

coco44 Wed 29-Jan-14 08:02:56

appendicitis presents differently in adults.DH left it til his appendix burst and collapsed because the pain wasn't that severe or where it was supposed to be!
If you gently press the sore area it is supposed to hurt more when you release the press

Quinteszilla Wed 29-Jan-14 08:04:50

If he is lying flat on his back, and try raising his knee towards his chin. This is should be fine to do with his left leg, but not with his right if it is appendicitis.

eosmum Wed 29-Jan-14 08:06:28

When I had mine I couldn't lift my leg, was told its a sign my my surgeon.

peppapigiscomingtotea Wed 29-Jan-14 08:20:35

Call your GP for an urgent appointment unless he is in absolute agony or v unwell. That is what they are there for.

MrsJoeHart Wed 29-Jan-14 08:23:55

Dd had appendicitis last year, my parents were staying and thought I was being ott and it was just tummy ache. It started as a dull pain in the middle of her tummy, moved over after a day. She wasn't doubled up, just felt 'off'. Ring Nhs direct or whatever they're called.

Clobbered Wed 29-Jan-14 08:24:43

Appendicitis pain is rarely of the 'doubled up' variety unless you get to the stage of bursting and peritonitis. Tell him not to be such a wuss and go and get checked. It's very likely to be appendicitis from the story. Has he got stinky breath? That's another sign!

hatsybatsy Wed 29-Jan-14 08:34:18

had appendicitis last year - presentation varies from case to case - but the pain is usually constant. agree you don't have to be doubled up all the time

can he cough or laugh without it hurting?does he have a temperature?

either way, get him to A&E now. make sure you have lots of supplies for yourself (food, drink, reading material) - it was a very long day for my dh!

MyBachisworsethanmybite Wed 29-Jan-14 08:41:51

Definitely get him seen. When I had appendicitis I had pain and sickness and clung on to my Dad (not usual; I was 19). He got me an immediate GP appointment.

The GP said it was appendix, got me an immediate hospital bed; the hospital doctors faffed and weren't sure because the pain didn't tick some particular box; the surgeon said it was a really bad one.

Dad made me get dressed. It was almost impossible to get my socks on.

Hope he's OK, but it doesn't go away by itself and it does need dealing with.

AgathaF Wed 29-Jan-14 08:51:11

Better to get it seen to now, before he is 'double up in pain'. At the very least call 111 for advice.

Hopefully he is being seen now.

dramajustfollowsme Wed 29-Jan-14 08:54:27

Mine started just under the rib cage and the pain moved down and to the right over time. By the time I got myself to hospital, I didn't want to breathe out as it hurt.
Hope you have taken him and he is quickly sorted. If he leaves it too long, it won't be keyhole but completely opened up surgery and a longer recovery so best get there early.

TeWiSavesTheDay Wed 29-Jan-14 08:55:11

A and e, definitely!

FairPhyllis Wed 29-Jan-14 09:10:06

Does he have nausea, loss of appetite, constipation?

You're not always doubled up in pain with appendicitis.

TeWiSavesTheDay Wed 29-Jan-14 09:12:07

Mine started as what I thought was flu/horrible vomiting bug with fever, but I was walking around with it for a while, I only ended up at hospital because my dad used to do the stomach press/where is the pain test on me when I was little and I realised it was more on the right. 24hrs later it had burst.

Stomach pain and illness is never good and can also be other serious things, so make sure it is checked out.

YellowDinosaur Wed 29-Jan-14 09:26:21

Doesn't sound like appendicitis to me (I'm a general surgeon) for the reasons clobbered said. It typically presents like mrsjoehart described with a more generalise ache progressing to severe constant pain in the right lower abdomen. Doesn't mean it's not something else that needs treatment though, such as a kidney stone, so he should get it checked out if it doesn't settle.

peppapigiscomingtotea Wed 29-Jan-14 09:40:31

Not much point calling NHS Direct/111 as they will just tell you to contact our GP.

Doesn't sound typical of an appendix but he still should be checked.

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