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to ask you to send good wishes to goodnessknows for her operation tomorrow

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livelablove Mon 27-Jan-14 17:14:58

goodnessknows has a scary operation tomorrow, to remove a tumour on her spine. She is feeling a bit panicky, so I thought she might like your supportive messages to encourage her. Here is a link to her thread goodnessknows

livelablove Mon 27-Jan-14 17:21:03

I should start by sending thanks good luck Goodness, will be thinking of you and your family.

livelablove Mon 27-Jan-14 17:54:05

Posting directly on her thread would probably be best. But if she gets messages here I will post a link on her thread back to AIBU.

AllMimsyWereTheBorogroves Mon 27-Jan-14 18:20:48

Bump. I've left a message on the main thread.

thinkofablinkingnamewoman Mon 27-Jan-14 18:27:13

Added a message on the main thread. What a nice thing to do livelablove

bodygoingsouth Mon 27-Jan-14 18:28:24

best if luck, thinking of you xxxx

Rosa Mon 27-Jan-14 18:31:00

I will add my wishes and hopes on this thread as well x

4PlusMum Mon 27-Jan-14 19:22:56

Oy vey! Just followed the link to your other thread so now I know what you are in for.

Holding hands with you. You can look forward to my visit on Friday.

livelablove Mon 27-Jan-14 19:29:14

Are you visiting her 4plusmum? That's great.

iloveny001 Mon 27-Jan-14 19:47:29

Best of luck, it will be fine x

iloveny001 Mon 27-Jan-14 19:47:49

Best of luck, it will be fine x

iloveny001 Mon 27-Jan-14 19:47:50

Best of luck, it will be fine x

GoodnessKnows Mon 27-Jan-14 19:52:56

Oh my goodness! You DO realise that I can't see the keys as I'm actually crying! You've really touched me. Thank you so much! So lovely not to be in a lonely, dark place. The power of the virtual support and empathy I've had from you lovely fellow MNetters has been incredible.

CaptainCorellisVentolin Mon 27-Jan-14 19:54:29

Best of luck for tomorrow! thanks

lougle Mon 27-Jan-14 20:07:28

Sleep well tonight GoodnessKnows, you're going to be just fine so get all the sleep you can before the op thanks

OneInEight Mon 27-Jan-14 20:09:48

Goodluck for tomorrow - hope it all goes well!

DrankSangriaInThePark Mon 27-Jan-14 20:14:18

Good luck vibes winging their way from Italy. flowers

GoodnessKnows Mon 27-Jan-14 20:34:46

Thank you!

bishbashboosh Mon 27-Jan-14 20:39:29

I read your original thread, you're so strong and you have us all behind you . All the best for tomorrow xxxxx

GoodnessKnows Mon 27-Jan-14 22:01:25


PedlarsSpanner Mon 27-Jan-14 22:02:35

good luck my dear

we'll be rooting for you x

IwishIwasmoreorganised Mon 27-Jan-14 22:04:19

Love and best wishes for tomorrow.

I'll be keeping my eyes open for an update.


CiderwithBuda Mon 27-Jan-14 22:07:54

Best of luck for tomorrow. Hope it all goes well. Will be thinking of you.


GoodnessKnows Mon 27-Jan-14 22:12:21

I'll be in intensive care fir a couple of days and the hospital is renowned for having rubbish internet connection. But I'll update as soon as I can ;)

Christelle2207 Mon 27-Jan-14 22:30:37

We will be thinking of you and looking forward to positive updates.

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