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To ask who makes THE best black leggings?

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Woowoowoowoo Thu 23-Jan-14 19:42:19

I'm going through a phase where I just feel like jeans encase my flab and make me feel quite repulsive.

Soo...while on a diet I'm on a mission to find the best black leggings. And tunic tops?

Shockers Sat 25-Jan-14 16:02:42

I wear leggings and tunics for work and the best leggings I've found are from Monsoon. They're thick and they have a really wide waistband that holds my tummy firmly.

For tunics, I like Braintree, Great Plains, Joules and Seasalt.

I think leggings can look quite smart with a tunic and nice boots, as long as your top covers your bum!

Woowoowoowoo Sat 25-Jan-14 17:30:57

Off to Sainburys. Will report back.

maddy68 Sat 25-Jan-14 18:21:47

Primark! The shaper ones. £4. They hold you in The only ones I will wear

MintyChops Sat 25-Jan-14 19:26:39

Shockers is right, Braintree and Seasalt do lovely tunics....

Mim78 Sat 25-Jan-14 19:32:17

Boden for me. Quite thick which is good imp

RudolphtheRedknowsraindear Sat 25-Jan-14 19:32:40

I'm 5ft 8in & wearing a pair of Sainsbury's leggings right now! I love 'em!

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