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to want Blood Oranges to be called Blood Oranges?

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WitchWay Wed 22-Jan-14 22:41:17

Yum yum, blood orange season at the moment - one of my favourite fruits & the local greengrocers has them advertised as exactly that: Blood Oranges. Not so the local supermarkets, oh no - Ruby Oranges if you please. Apparently people don't like the term "blood" FFS & it puts them off buying them. It's a vegetable - well, a fruit, but you know what I mean - vegetable matter. How could it possibly have blood in it??

Thatisall Wed 22-Jan-14 22:55:21

I think it just shows how supermarkets will do whatever they think will sell more. Including changing the name of fruits and veg to more 'consumer friendly' ones. Bit daft of you ask me.
If you fancied being pedantic (I love being pedantic) why not email them asking when they'll get blood oranges in? All you an find are thee poxy ruby ones. wink

WitchWay Wed 22-Jan-14 22:56:12

That's a good idea smile

Chippednailvarnish Wed 22-Jan-14 23:04:17

Now I want one and I don't have one sad

SuburbanSpaceperson Wed 22-Jan-14 23:13:23

I would never eat one as a child because of the name, so it does make a difference. It used to drive all the adults around me demented, they would explain over and over that it wasn't blood and I would still gag at the thought of eating it. It's too late for me because I know that ruby oranges are really blood oranges, but if they had always been called ruby oranges I may well have eaten them.

ArgyMargy Wed 22-Jan-14 23:15:56

So that's why I never see blood oranges any more!! Love the name, love the fruit. YANBU.

Suelford Wed 22-Jan-14 23:26:06

Their "real name" is citrus sinensis, who cares what nickname is used?

mmmmmchocolate Wed 22-Jan-14 23:30:53

Please tell me which supermarkets are selling them! I haven't seen a blood orange in years!

And yes they are blood oranges not frigging ruby reds.....

ChrisTheSheep Thu 23-Jan-14 00:20:47

I also have a blood orange craving now! (I'm hampered by gestational diabetes as well as not actually having any blood oranges...)

BookroomRed Thu 23-Jan-14 00:22:17

Blood orange season is the one good thing about this dank, chilly time of year!

Snowdown Thu 23-Jan-14 00:34:44

Waitrose were calling them blush oranges last year. I haven't seen them this year - has something happened the harvest?

BeaLola Thu 23-Jan-14 00:45:08

Love them.
Waitrose do the fizzy blood orange drink as ŵell. ...fab fab fab

steff13 Thu 23-Jan-14 01:51:38

We have blood orange popsicles. Yum.

catsmother Thu 23-Jan-14 06:12:08

Those San Pellegrino cans come in a blood orange flavour - and they're bloody (excuse the pun) lovely (though expensive). No qualms about labelling them as such, and the name doesn't put me off.

As for supermarkets - go into any one of them around Halloween and you'll find an ever increasing (year on year) variety of ghoulish themed food, think "lemon and slime" for example, which must presumably sell or else they wouldn't go to all the bother of repackaging and renaming - if only temporarily. Or does everyone's squeamishness disappear at that time of the year only ?

ZingSweetApple Thu 23-Jan-14 06:57:03


I hate the term "Ruby Orange" and told the kids it's called Blood Orange.
same in Hungarian.

supermarkets arw fucking dicks for trying to change things like that.
I'm waiting for the time the term "Black/White coffee/tea" will be seen as racist.
mark my words, it's coming!grin

I also wonder if "Hand Cream" is disablist and offensive to people with no handsconfused grin

ZingSweetApple Thu 23-Jan-14 06:59:12


I bought them at Tesco.
my kids love it. Any minute now they will be playing vampires, no doubt!grin

CrohnicallyFarting Thu 23-Jan-14 07:01:59

It's like the fish- supermarkets were struggling to get people to buy pollock, so they renamed it Colin!

SanityClause Thu 23-Jan-14 07:02:02

Although, to be pedantic, Zing, black coffee isn't black, and neither is white coffee white.

I am old enough to hate the fact that kiwis are now called kiwis. Their correct name is Chinese gooseberries. But perhaps that's racist? wink

DirtieBertie Thu 23-Jan-14 07:09:59

Their "real name" is citrus sinensis, who cares what nickname is used?

Citrus sinensis will get you any old orange though. The OP wants blood oranges.

ZingSweetApple Thu 23-Jan-14 07:12:11

well I'm not white either, closer to green when morning sickness strikes! grin

WitchWay Thu 23-Jan-14 07:13:21

Sue Citrus sinensis that's "Chinese Citrus" isn't it?

I haven't seen them in supermarkets this year yet either. Bought mine in the local greengrocers.

TamerB Thu 23-Jan-14 07:14:24

I bought some in Lidl and they were labelled 'blood oranges'.

Doodledumdums Thu 23-Jan-14 07:14:36

Sainsbury's do! I currently have a bag of blood oranges sitting in front of me, and they are definitely labelled 'Blood Oranges.'

ZingSweetApple Thu 23-Jan-14 07:15:21

Tesco - definitely Ruby Oranges.


WitchWay Thu 23-Jan-14 07:17:41

Ooh good for Sainsbury's & Lidl!

Slightly disappointed by one of my blood oranges - it only had one tiny capsule of "blood" in a completely orange orange sad
Still delicious though smile

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