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To ask those people who have had shingles....

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Silvercatowner Wed 22-Jan-14 19:33:10

To tell me how long it was before the rash came out??? I know I am being unreasonable because you aren't medically qualified and I promise I will go to the dr tomorrow if I'm not better. But I feel crap, temperature and the skin round my abdomen and back feels sore and sensitive - it's a very odd sensation. I can't see anything on my skin though (although my eyesight is rubbish) - no rash or anything.

MarvellousMechanicalMouseOrgan Wed 22-Jan-14 19:36:20

I only had discomfort on the skin for maybe an hour before the blisters materialised.

As far as I know you can only get shingles on one side, due to the way it branches out of your nervous system (sorry, haven't a clue of the scientific wording, trying to remember how the doctor phrased it!), so it shouldn't be going all the way round you.

Silvercatowner Wed 22-Jan-14 19:37:32

Thanks. I hope it isn't shingles - would be the worst timing.

Provincialady Wed 22-Jan-14 19:39:04

It was about a week for me. I felt wrong, and carried on pushing myself at the gym thinking that would sort me out. My face hurt and I finally twigged when I got a spot at the end of my nose

Yes2014 Wed 22-Jan-14 20:05:08

Couple of hours- at first I thought I'd been bitten by a mosquito or something- itchy and blotchy. When the rash came it was excruciating. Second time I was horribly ill for a week and my eyes were agony, then a week later the rash came on my back but didn't hurt at all- huge doses of aciclovir (?) bloody unlucky to get it twice I thought!

PartyConfused Wed 22-Jan-14 20:06:36

Felt like a very weird prickly sensation. I've had it twice (1st when 11, 2nd time 24) and knew instantly what it was tge second time because the pain is so unique.

OvO Wed 22-Jan-14 20:14:29

I can't remember exactly (I was 10, so 22 years ago!) but it was certainly days. I remember sobbing with pain as my left knee was agony. My parents tried to be sympathetic but I think they thought I was a right drama queen. Once the rash finally appeared the guilt made them spoil me rotten. grin

Silvercatowner Wed 22-Jan-14 20:17:42

Thanks - definitely weird and prickly - and painful.

filingdrivesmemad Wed 22-Jan-14 20:20:09

Don't leave it any longer, go to the doctor straightaway. He/she will give you some medication that if taken within 3 days of the first symptoms, clears it up really quickly. If you leave it, you get it much worse and symptoms can reoccur for years afterwards.

MyNameIsWinkly Wed 22-Jan-14 20:20:24

DH says he felt run down and like he had a bad back for about 48hrs before the rash came out. Hopefully you don't have shingles & massive sympathy if you do, it can be very debilitating. If you do have it, get the antivirals.

Mikkii Wed 22-Jan-14 20:34:49

Mine was about 4 days. I kept asking my ex if I had been bitten as it was weird and itchy but I couldn't see anything. The next day I asked my mum and the spots were there.

I felt tired and achey for what felt like weeks but was probably 1 week.

I did have a 6mo and XH had up and left me so I didn't pay much attention to the symptoms until the rash came out.

Do see your see GP and mention shingles. I say this as I was told I had an allergy to bubble bath. hmm

onadifferentplanet Wed 22-Jan-14 20:42:51

Several days for me. Hadn't felt right for several days and actually went to GP as the pain and itching were horrible, he thought it was muscular, spots came out a couple of days later. By the time it was officially diagnosed it was too late for meds and 3 months later I still get pain if tired or cold and have picked up so many bugs which is so unlike me, so get yourself to the GP tomorrow.

Motherinlawsdung Wed 22-Jan-14 20:45:31

Go to the doctor as soon as possible. Getting the antiviral can make the difference between a week's discomfort and months of pain. Your description of it feeling very odd and weird is exactly correct for shingles.

Loveleopardprint Wed 22-Jan-14 20:55:29

When booking the appointment just mention shingles to the receptionist as there might be a different waiting area to avoid contact with the old or pregnant.

Witchofthenorth Wed 22-Jan-14 20:57:42

I was a couple of days...started off thinking I had been bitten, following day started to feel really shitty, by the third day I had everyone telling me to hope the rash doesnt join in the middle hmm

KurriKurri Wed 22-Jan-14 21:01:35

I get recurrent shingles - and its usually about 48 hours from the weird prickling feeling to the rash for me. The sooner you get something for it the better, (but sometimes docs want to see a rash before they will prescribe anything)

Also you might very well feel quite poorly for a week or so (aside form the soreness) - its a nasty virus. Hope you feel better soon.

Loopytiles Wed 22-Jan-14 21:03:47

Almost a week, hurt a lot! Like had trapped a nerve in back of shoulder, and under lung, actual rash was on boob!Horrible. Still hurts when it's cold!

Hope you're better soon OP.

Fluffyears Wed 22-Jan-14 21:09:56

I was tired and in work about 2pm I got a raging sore throat and felt fluey. Spent weekend on sofa then got a black rash with red spots on stomach on the Monday (been ill since the Friday) at first i thought it was an allergy. Then realised it was only on one side doctor confirmed it was shingles. It burns like a really bad razor burn rubbed with stinging nettles and prickly heat. I still get twinges now 4 years later and feel rundown easily.

Silvercatowner Wed 22-Jan-14 21:15:27

Thank-you everyone. I will go to the dr tomorrow.

fluterby Wed 22-Jan-14 21:17:11

Can't remember exactly. Just that it was a burning feeling.

aquashiv Wed 22-Jan-14 21:17:18

God it sounds awful. I remember my Mum having it when I was five and her sobbing in pain.

HMG83 Wed 22-Jan-14 21:17:44

Mine was 1/2 a day. Felt crap at work, literally couldn't stay awake. Felt burning sensation on my stomach and my back and generally felt really irritable. Couldn't get comfy.

By the evening I had come out in the rash on my stomach where it had been burning earlier and took myself to the walk in centre.

If it's shingles you beed to get the anti-virals in your system within the first 72hours else they're not effective.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 22-Jan-14 21:54:30

My DS had shingles when he was 10 yo

Sunday night -painful armpit but nothing visible
Monday- vague red marks on arm , like blisters
Tuesday morning at the GP because he had tiny blisters down to his fingertip.

<<Bad Mum, I didn't realise >> but I did Google

Hawkmoth Wed 22-Jan-14 21:58:42

Go tomorrow. Get antivirals.

I was unwell for about a week before blisters. I was only 14 and nobody believed me.

They scarred and still hurt whenever I get a virus or the atmospheric pressure drops. Intriguing but irritating.

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