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To have warmed to Liz jones?

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Fairyloo Wed 22-Jan-14 08:01:58

I quite like her in big brother in an aloof distant way

ScentedScandal Wed 22-Jan-14 12:15:54

I cant understand her debt problems. One minute she's not got a bean but it never seems to affect her lifestyle one iotaconfused I'm suspect it's all made uphmm.

Latara Wed 22-Jan-14 12:29:35

I think the main reason for warming to her on CBB is that she doesn't seem so bad compared to many of the other housemates!

Undertone Wed 22-Jan-14 12:43:47

Didn't she write an article about how all young professional women who are sexually harassed bring it upon themselves, should expect it to a certain extent, and should just put up with it?

She writes hateful click-bait and if you're warming to her on CBB then that was a carefully orchestrated move on the part of her PR strategy to try and re-launch her public identity. Don't be taken in.

ProfondoRosso Wed 22-Jan-14 12:46:17

I was. A bit. But then I Googled her again last night, read some of her writing and my sympathies have reversed.

I don't hate her, but hate what she usually writes. I feel very sorry for her and just thank God I don't have her issues.

SinisterBuggyMonth Wed 22-Jan-14 12:51:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelloBoys Wed 22-Jan-14 14:09:08

oh I had no idea Liz' family was outraged re the photos of her mother.

In LJ defence I suppose was she bringing attention to NHS/dementia/alzheimers etc?

She is good at writing about shops and how they could improve, also animal cruelty and use of fur/skin etc in fashion.

She is also good about writing about fashion in general and I think she was good as editor of Marie Claire.

But I agree all the other stuff makes her look like a loon at best (stealing her ex-husband's sperm from a condom was it?!) and sad at worst.

and there's no need to carp on about debt when you blow money on designer gear.

she is wacky and eccentric and seems really nice, I do think she has a kind heart.

HelloBoys Wed 22-Jan-14 14:10:08

I do also feel for her having been anorexic and wonder whether her family problems had anything to do with that and some of her other problems though Caitlin Moran from similar background seems normal

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