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In giving the Asda delivery driver an egg?

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THERhubarb Tue 21-Jan-14 13:51:32

I don't really know why I gave him an egg. He was young and seemed nice, asked me how my week was and everything. As I was going into the kitchen with the bags I passed the eggbox. I took one out, told him that my little hen had just laid it that morning and told him to take it with him.

He said it would break but I said to just shove it in his pocket.

He did look a bit puzzled and afterwards I wondered why I had given him an egg but at the time it just seemed the right thing to do?

PoopPoooDeDooo Tue 21-Jan-14 19:22:06

grin grin grin grin grin

I am poorly sick overdue and fed up but this thread has had me crying with laughter! Thanks Rhubarb!smile

THERhubarb Tue 21-Jan-14 19:43:55

Yes well dh has just come home from work and I told him what I'd done thinking he'd back me up and say what a nice gesture it was.

He didn't.

He shook his head at me and gave me a funny look instead.

I do hope the egg made it safely and I've not just ruined the man's uniform.

MisForMumNotMaid someone read this thread and started another one today about their dp finding an egg in his pocket. grin

I've given Dave a special tickle under the chin. smile

SwimmingMom Tue 21-Jan-14 19:45:57

This is the best thread I've seen on MN - kindness to the point of hilarity! (And Dave!!!)

Thank you Rhubarb, I shall carry an empty eggbox just incase I run into you or maybe you've started a new trend here & nice people may start gifting eggs to other nice people! grin

THERhubarb Tue 21-Jan-14 19:52:13

What would be even better is if people just took an egg out of a shop bought eggbox and gifted that grin

I really do wonder if I should contact Asda though and try to explain my actions? I don't want the drivers to have notes about me, this is a regular delivery! Nor do I want them expecting an egg every time they turn up.

SpottyDottie Tue 21-Jan-14 20:07:09

Of course he will be telling others about you! grin

I think Dave is a great name for a chicken.

bragmatic Wed 22-Jan-14 06:24:01

I think his wife will suspect fowl play.

THERhubarb Wed 22-Jan-14 12:19:17

I'm sure he'll offer an eggsplanation bragmatic

Dave is laying another egg atm.

libra101 Fri 24-Jan-14 18:45:19

This thread is full of yolks!

Thoroughly enjoyed reading.

We also have two hens and a bantam, they lay the best free-range eggs ever, and everyone agrees that they taste much better than those bought in shops.

It was incredibly kind to give the driver an egg, a very nice gesture.

GlendaTheGrizzlyPiggy Fri 24-Jan-14 20:12:21

This is the best thing I've read all day grin

I wouldn't give Asda a bell though Rhubarb. The drivers are told they aren't allowed to accept anything from customers, even a lovely if not a bit weeny single loose egg. If he has a twatty manager he could end up with a bit of a telling off.

flamingtoaster Fri 24-Jan-14 20:26:04

This thread has cracked me up.

Perhaps we should start a Mumsnet eggs-periment - everyone who has their groceries delivered gives the driver an egg and we see how long it takes to be mentioned in the press... Maybe you should have given it to him in a beaker ...

madrose Fri 24-Jan-14 20:27:59

op - just woke the DH by sniggering at this. Thank you - much need smiles.

lugwump Fri 24-Jan-14 20:40:40


Symbol of fertility.

Next time he delivers open the door in your shortie peignoir and ask him to carry the shopping into your bedroom.

MissPryde Fri 24-Jan-14 20:51:02

That was very kind of you, op. Not sure advising him to put it in his pocket was the best idea. Poor bloke is probably still waiting for it to hatch, carefully carrying it in his pocket on all his deliveries, so the poor wee snake chick stays cozy and warm.

He'll be all broken up about it when his chick never appears.

rabbitlady Fri 24-Jan-14 20:55:35

no, its a nice thing to do. give him an egg, a symbol of fertility and new life, a potential sandwich or an invitation to toast-soldiers. we should all give eggs. i'll try it on j. smiling at him makes him blush. i had thought of giving him my email address, but an egg is so much more... telling.

rabbitlady Fri 24-Jan-14 20:58:39

you are, of course, eggstraordinarily generous.
he might have found it a little eggcentric of you.
perhaps you favour your hen's produce above all others, being a little eggotistical about them.

sorry. i just became my dad for a few minutes there.

ovenbun Sun 26-Jan-14 17:22:54

Rhubarb I love you, you sound so sweet! Please name change to the egg lady xxx

ushiemama Sun 26-Jan-14 19:23:17

A Cadburys Creme Egg would have been a nice gesture ....On offer in Sainsburys' .... 3 for £1...Bargain.

Misspixietrix Sun 26-Jan-14 19:33:40

Im afraid you're forever known as egg lady now grin. Somewhere there's a bloke in the warehouses discussing with his colleagues if being given one single egg is a sign for something wink. I wonder what he did with it?

Misspixietrix Sun 26-Jan-14 19:35:03

lugwump grin.

JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 26-Jan-14 21:14:07

Is it possible he will think Dave is your DH?

PS WHAT was tombakersscarf posting that she wanted to be deleted? I'm eggs-tremely intrigued. Something inflammatory about chickens? Is s/he in fact the delivery man?

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