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Big light on in the living room?

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ViviPru Mon 20-Jan-14 21:17:07

I've just had one of those peculiar moments whereby something that you thought you knew to be a universal truth is turned on its head.

I was commenting to some friends about how irksome and peculiar I find it that another friend only has one light source in their living room, the main ceiling light, which they have on all evening. It's really bright, not on a dimmer and I find it really hard to relax there. My two friends were baffled saying that's what they do too (never been to their houses in the evening so I wouldn't know) and made out like I was the peculiar one as we rarely use our main overhead ceiling light.

Now all these years I've never questioned it, as far as I was concerned, in the evenings one would have a couple of table lamps on, enough light to read by, that's how it was at home growing up, that's what my parents do and what DH's parents do. Obviously I know some people have the overhead light on as you can see through windows at dusk but I slways just assumed these folk were the peculiar minority.", or they'd just stuck it on to clean/find something/perform a task.

Another friend has impaired eyesight so she likes a lot of light at all times, which is completely understandable. But those whose eyesight is fine, I can't understand why anyone would want to sit in glaring bright light all evening... But according to my friends I'm the minority...

I don't care what anyone does in the comfort if their own home, I'm not saying no one should use the main light but that I genuinely thought that barely anyone did... According to my friends this is completely at odds with reality.... What say you??

Lemele Wed 22-Jan-14 21:43:45

Our main light is pretty feeble but, even so, I find it necessary to switch to a lamp in the evening. It's so much more relaxing and cosy smile

Lemele Wed 22-Jan-14 21:46:42

Oh but I find it weird and annoying to have lamps when you're not relaxing, i.e. a gathering at someone's house when you're not there to prep for bed but to have a good time or (in the case of our house group) do a bible study - it's so annoying if i can't see properly across the room to the person I'm talking to, or can't see the book!

lettucelamp Wed 22-Jan-14 21:54:02

When DH and I bought our house four years ago, we put in a big light in our living room, a few spotlights and some wall lights. Four years on, the big light has never had any bulbs in! grin I like soft lighting too

alemci Wed 22-Jan-14 22:22:17

I prefer to have bright light. our lounge has side lights. I read or do crochet so I need decent light. if you just watch tv then it doesn't matter so much.

Thumbwitch Wed 22-Jan-14 23:34:01

My nanna used to do loads of knitting but she had a table lamp by her side that shone onto her work. Big light was an oddity in their living room - had 3 lamps, and 2 switches, so you could either have some or all of the lamps on! Early "dimmer", I suppose. They still didn't use it that often, mostly wall lights and lamps.

GreenShadow Thu 23-Jan-14 19:16:10

we're always baffled at how people can sit there under their big bright lights all evening

But to me, it's just the equivalent of the bright light of day time, so just a continuation of good lighting.

williaminajetfighter Thu 23-Jan-14 19:31:18

OP I can't believe you posted about this as it is currently the 'big issue' of contention in our household at the moment!!

I was taught that overhead lights are 'gauche' and that area lights and table lights are best for lighting a room, particularly a living room. My mom said OH lights made her feel like she was 'at a mall'.

DP on the other hand loves an OH light and I have turned into my mother, constantly going around the house and turning them off, tut-tutting while I do!!

aoife24 Thu 23-Jan-14 20:43:35

I saw David Sedaris at the Fringe last year and one thing he was talking about is how the world divides into 2 kinds of people: those who have overhead lights on in the sitting room and don't even think twice about it and those that can't stand that. His husband is the former and he the latter, as am I. What I grew up with I guess.

lilacmamacat Thu 23-Jan-14 21:41:53

Hate the big light. Only have it on if I'm looking for something. Otherwise we have uplighters (hate that word!) and table lights.

Divinity Mon 27-Jan-14 10:11:16

I can't believe how many of you are downright weird with your little lights. Ack grin

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