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What presents/money amount you received for your wedding?

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busylizzy12 Mon 20-Jan-14 16:15:53

Excatly that, really. If you don't mind?....

queenofthemountains Mon 20-Jan-14 16:55:27

We asked for cash to give to CLAPA and East Grinstead QVH. We got £800 which totally amazed us.

Megrim Mon 20-Jan-14 17:12:10

I gave my sister a pony for her wedding present (he was to be a companion for her slightly manic horse). Not sure what her DH thought about that though. Think he's allergic to them.

You have to spill the beans on the bridezilla story ...

elliejjtiny Mon 20-Jan-14 17:24:28

We got cash and household stuff (towels, bedding, saucepans etc)

ICanSeeTheSeaFromHere Mon 20-Jan-14 17:24:55

We were very lucky.... very very lucky. We have a big family and had 148 day guests.

My parents paid for our entire wedding. We got over £4500 in cash, £500ish in John Lewis vouchers, £350ish in Debenhams vouchers, around £300 of vouchers for various shops, enough meal vouchers to keep us going until after our first anniversary (we had to get some of the dates extended), a weekend in Paris (my grandparents), a weekend in Aviemore (my dsis), dinner services, cutlery, towels, bedding, crystal candle holders, picture frames, photo albums etc...

Oh and lots of champagne... we have put three particularly nice case away for when our DC's get married smile.

BobaFetaCheese Mon 20-Jan-14 17:27:45

I have no idea (it was almost 4 years ago after all) but PIL paid for our double glazing as a wedding present <practical>

Queenofthemountains, how awesome! I really wish we went for charity donations (we didn't ask for anything, but people got us unmemorable stuff).

MrsGarlic Mon 20-Jan-14 17:27:54

I don't mind sharing. We received around £2k in cash gifts ranging from £10 - £200 (that one really shocked us, a very generous family friend of H's), and a cash gift of £5k from my grandparents - these we put towards the deposit on our first home together. Our parents offered us £5k and £8k but this was to pay for the wedding only - mine put in more as they wanted quite a lot of extra guests (we had 200 for a sit-down meal and this is considered a small wedding for them!).

We also had a gift list, with items ranging from £3 to just over £100 with most stuff in the lower ranges, and were bought many lovely things including crockery, decorative items and general household things. We did live together before the wedding but hadn't lived together long and certainly didn't have full sets of anything, we were just making do with odds and ends given away by parents (MIL especially likes to 'get rid of' perfectly usable things on a regular basis - this I do not complain about grin).

One friend of ours bought us a lovely photo frame and put in a letter he'd written to the pair of us. It was funny and sweet, and we were very touched by it.

We didn't put anything in the invitations.

hopelessadventure Mon 20-Jan-14 17:28:43

1,000 pounds from one Aunt and Uncle. A king sized bed, bedroom furniture, cutlery, entire Denby set, pots and pans, vases, towels, a week's holiday, a dining table, a Kenwood chef, picture frames and lots of other bits and pieces.

JRmumma Mon 20-Jan-14 17:33:14

We got about £3k i think and it paid for our honeymoon. Range from £300 to £20. We got a few presents, a canvas of our fave wedding pic, a mr and Mrs ornament, our cake and guest books were also presents. Some people gave a card or nothing too.

The best present was that everyone always tells us how much they enjoyed the day and 'will always remember our wedding' for various reasons.

I think its important that people only feel like they only need to give what they can afford, of they feel like they have to give anything.

betman Mon 20-Jan-14 17:46:49

We got about £600 in vouchers and cash (including £200 from a friend of Dh's long deceased grandparents who they helped out many years ago and we have never met). We had a list that we got a coffee machine, sat nav, crockery, towels, duvets, pillows, DVDs, a camera, knives and other general household stuff. We were surprised at everyone's generosity!

PonceyPeas Mon 20-Jan-14 19:02:23

We specifically asked for no presents, and didn't have a gift list as we already lived together and we lucky enough to have everything we needed in our house. We still recieved over £1000 in vouchers or cash.

Clayhead Mon 20-Jan-14 19:04:31

We had no wedding list/didn't ask for gifts. Got some lovely little things though! I'm not sure on the value - £200 ish?

CooCooCachoo Mon 20-Jan-14 19:13:59

About £4,500 which was a surprise. We did a gift list but hardly got used - we didn't mind as it was linked to a honeymoon we'd already paid for. DH wasn't surprised at all as his side are French and lots of French friends came too - cash is standard I have now come to discover .

We try to be equally generous when attending weddings, gifts in region of 200 euros.

A good friend recently married however and was really put out that some people only gave £30 in cash. SHe had set up a gift list asking for contributions for honeymoon. She said afterwards that surely £50 was the bare minimum. I wasn't sure how to take that!

SpookedMackerel Mon 20-Jan-14 19:14:38

We got married 13 years ago. We had a wedding list -we were setting up home and had hardly owned anything-which ran out quickly (we weren't expecting people to buy multiple items!) and we also received some vouchers. We had about 60 people to the wedding and I still remember what everyone gave us, and often think of them when I use their presents. Though some things have got broken over the years. I just broke the teapot the other day, and still feel sad about it.

Wineandchoccy Mon 20-Jan-14 19:14:38

We received approx £2000 in money even though we didn't ask for gifts we used it for new floor and wall tiles in the kitchen.

A work colleague of DH's gave us a plant pot that his children had decorated with our names and date of wedding and filled it with herbs it's still pride of place in our kitchen nearly 6 years later, cheap present but I love it!

We also got a box all beautifully wrapped and thought wow I wonder what's in there when we eventually got through all the tissue paper it was a packet of condoms, chocolate sauce, strawberries, champagne, and a do not disturb sign from one of the ushers grin

cantthinkofagoodone Mon 20-Jan-14 19:21:31

Varied massively but a lot. We put tonnes on our gift list and that all went, we really didn't expect it though but was great as we had nothing. We also got cash & vouchers. Everything came to about £4k.

Very pleasantly surprised!

leezl Mon 20-Jan-14 19:23:36

I didn't want to ask for gifts, or at least only for charity donations. DM and DH persuaded me that people would get us gifts if we asked for them or not, so I caved and tried to ask for honeymoon donations in the least cheeky way possible (impossible) as we hadn't had a holiday in years. We received just over £1000 from approx 30-50 guests which was crazy and unexpected (but lovely and paid for our honeymoon in it's entirety!). We also had £100 M&S vouchers and a set of glasses :D

MichaelFinnigan Mon 20-Jan-14 19:27:25

Nothing. We eloped

So to carry on the prying theme: those of you paid for your own weddings, do you think you broke even, did you get as much back in gifts as you spent? (I know how mercenary that sounds, but it's something I've wondered about on occasion)

BillyNotQuiteNoMates Mon 20-Jan-14 19:34:53

17 years ago, No cash, mainly smallish presents - ranging from a set of radiator airers to a duvet cover but a very dear uncle was most upset that we couldn't afford a honeymoon and paid for a week away smile

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Mon 20-Jan-14 19:43:40

Oh go on op, tell us about the bridezilla!

leezl Mon 20-Jan-14 19:54:53

MichaelFinnigan we paid for everything ourselves and probably spent £6000 in total, so we definitely didn't break even, but I was chuffed that we had such a lovely day for such a relatively "small" amount (not small at all when not in wedding context, of course!) and never expected any gifts to come anywhere near the amount we spent.

Ragwort Mon 20-Jan-14 19:59:21

Nothing grin - we had a very small wedding, 7 guests and specified 'no presents' - it was my second wedding and we both had our own homes. I think a couple of people (on DH's side) gave us a small gift afterwards - actually I still use one of the dishes I was given, very useful (just celebrated our 25th anniversary smile.

WorrySighWorrySigh Mon 20-Jan-14 20:16:29

Small wedding 20 odd years ago, nothing in the invitations. We got all sorts of very traditional things as we were just setting up house together:

a mirror
a bed
an ironing board
place mats
garden strimmer

all very much appreciated and used until they wore out

ButICantaloupe Mon 20-Jan-14 20:18:13

We had cash gifts ranging between £15 and £4,000

GirlWithTheDirtyShirt Mon 20-Jan-14 20:21:23

We received about £4k towards our honeymoon. We've managed to get two trips out of it - a week in New York for DH and I and a few nights in Paris/Disney for us and DD. We were stunned by the amount we received but also slightly bamboozled that some of our wedding party forgot to even give a card!

MerylStrop Mon 20-Jan-14 20:26:07

We specifically asked that people didn't give us anything (money or gifts)

But we were nonetheless given a le creuset pot, an English Heritage membership, a photo album filled with pics from the day, an antique spoon thing (odd but lovely) an apple tree and a firework display!

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