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AIBU to let my 7 year old watch Harry Potter film which are a 12 Cert?

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maybefaraway Mon 20-Jan-14 10:45:45

I think IABU, but he's read up to book 5, and I always told him if he read the book first he could see the film. Then I let him spend his xmas money on the boxset (Tesco £20 for eight films, bargain), and only then did I notice that five of them are a bloody 12 certificate. WWYD? He's seen the first three now, and seen Percy Jackson and stuff like that.

willyoulistentome Mon 20-Jan-14 21:45:59

... and no, they probably didn't follow the whole plot. . But they all enjoyed the bits they did follow. .

MrsOakenshield Mon 20-Jan-14 21:49:26

I just think the more details you can understand the better the experience. And that I haven't yet seen any reason, bar people's impatience, why not to wait for your child to be old enough to understand as much as they can. JK did not intend The Deathly Hallows to be read by a 7 year old - so she didn't write it for a 7 year old. And the directors of the film didn't aim it at a 7 year old.

However, I think I've said, for today at any rate, all I'm going to on the subject.

Jinsei Mon 20-Jan-14 21:58:30

I find it interesting that whilst most people are saying their children enjoyed it, wasn't scared etc - no-one has said that yes, they had a full and complete understanding of it and could follow it from start to finish no problem at all. You must all have very sophisticated children!

My dd watched the films at 8, after having read all of the books at least once. Actually, I thought she had a very thorough understanding of them all, and she kept stopping to explain things to me as I hadn't read the books and therefore missed the significance of some parts. Indeed, her explanations inspired me to read the books myself, as I realised that there was a lot more to them than I had originally thought!

DD is emotionally mature for her age, but I certainly didn't feel that she was too young to understand or appreciate the films. However, some kids might find them disturbing at that age, there are parts that are quite scary. Depends on the child, I guess.

Rosencrantz Mon 20-Jan-14 22:12:34

They're not 12s. They are 12a.

AndiMac Mon 20-Jan-14 22:26:08

We read the first three HP novels to DD who was 6 and turned 7 last month. After reading the books, she was allowed to watch the films, which she was very keen on doing. She's another hardy soul and watched the original Star Wars at 4 and loved it.

However, we started reading book 4 to her and somewhere in there middle, she started to be able to read well enough to read it herself, so we were partly reading to her, partly reading it herself. She slacked off on asking for it to be read and started choosing other books to read herself or by us. There's only about a fifth of the book left, but we haven't touched it since before Christmas.

I honestly think the plot and the subplots with the emotions about the boy and girlfriends got too complicated for her. She's fairly good at understanding situations, but this is beyond her range of experience and therefore comprehension. She still kind of wants to see the movie, but isn't pushing very hard for it anymore.

If he really wants to watch them and would be ok with them, I'd say let him. He's fulfilled all your other conditions, so a bit unfair to not allow it now. But I would be careful not to watch it with other younger kids around.

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