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AIBU to ask you to tell me you de-stressing tips and tricks?

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babacoon Mon 20-Jan-14 09:46:14

DH and I have a very hectic life. We have one DC (4 years) and have zero family/ friends around. So one of us has to be looking after DS and at all times, whilst the other works. this means that DH works most nights and we have little to relax together. When one is working, the other is doing house chores etc. The weekend is spent in groceries, cleaning, cooking and storing for the next week etc.

I do get some time to myself over the weekend but come Monday and I feel so tired and stressed. DH and I feel like we are always worrying about something, always rushing to get something done.

So what are your tips to de-stress and unwind your self over the weekend so that you can start afresh on Mondays?

thanks smile

HappyMummySal Thu 23-Jan-14 17:19:58

I know exactly how you feel. Me and my husband work full time although my children are 7 and 11 so it is a little easier as they can entertain themselves for a while. But I do rush around at work all week and then rush around getting housework done all weekend. It drives me insane! The only way I can completely switch off and relax is to get a good book on the go. A bit of romance is always good for the feel good factor....I love nothing more than a glass of wine with a good book whilst in the bath. I guarantee you will feel so much better after half an hour of this that you will be ready to tackle anything. Try it!

BronzeHorseman Fri 24-Jan-14 05:10:51

I wish I knew, I am in a very similar situation to yours and I can never switch off and relax - when I am not keeping busy I get bored and miserable, I just don't do relaxation - I don't think I know how so will RTFT for tips!

4athomeand1cooking Fri 24-Jan-14 05:27:21

I love life crazy and for some reason I am a very relaxed person, we have 5 children between 3 weeks and 11 years and we both work full time ( I work from home).

For me I have a very uncluttered home, everything is organised, I have (rough) routines for everything. As long as I am actively doing something I don't worry about things that have not been done. My attitude is very much as long as the toilet is clean for guests, the bills are paid I am completely at ease. I enjoy a nice bath but it is amazing how every time I jump in - someone needs to urgently use the loo.

The only time stress gets to me is when I know I am not doing what I could be. I never switch off but feel relaxed most of the time.

If dh is working evenings, can you spend an hour together in the mornings? Above all else, you are a busy mum. It can be a crazy life and sometimes quite mundane. But stress-free it is not! If you can make your peace with that, you will feel instantly relaxed.

4athomeand1cooking Fri 24-Jan-14 05:35:33

Sorry not sure i came across

4athomeand1cooking Fri 24-Jan-14 05:47:18

Arrrggghhhhh writing and bf at same time!!!

What I meant to say was.... I am not sure i came across properly in what I wanted to say in my last post.

My intentions were to say that stress should not be relative in what or how many responsibilities someone has. In paper I should have a very stressful life but I was more stressed a few years back when I was concerning myself with things that could not be changed or dealt with immediately.

I really have learned to live in the present. I know what I have to do at that moment in time and I don't worry about what I have to do or what has not been done. This way I do not feel like I am carrying the weight of the world. I started thus by writing lists in the morning and that helped me compartmentalise everything. Every day is a new day fresh.

Sorry for the waffle posts - I am blaming sleep depravation!

Aragaboneahankofhair Fri 24-Jan-14 10:55:29

I cannot recommend this lady hightly enough. A mental spring clean. Her book the Power of vulnerability (great as an audiobook if you are always on go) is amazing.

Aragaboneahankofhair Fri 24-Jan-14 10:55:51

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