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School Abscense Fine - huge amount

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PMDD Thu 16-Jan-14 08:08:13

If I am correct, if you take your child/ren out of school without prior agreement, there is an automatic fine of £60/day/child/parent?

So for us, a family with 3 children, a 2 week holiday in (say) June, would cost us £3600 - or double that if we don't pay within a certain amount of time!

Is it me to think that is totally unreasonable?!

That is a huge amount. The people who take their children out normally can't afford the hike in holiday prices, so how on earth would they afford the fine?

Binkyridesagain Thu 16-Jan-14 08:28:50

no body needs to go on holiday, children however do need to go to school.

BonesAndSkully Thu 16-Jan-14 08:30:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CatAmongThePigeons Thu 16-Jan-14 08:30:50

It isn't meant to be reasonable, it's meant to be a deterrent.

Boreoff456 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:33:55

slev not usually schools exceptional circumstances are things like parents in the military. But just ask them.

Coldlightofday Thu 16-Jan-14 08:33:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Weelady77 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:34:26

We don't have the fines in place yet, but if and when it does I'd rather pay the fine than spend another £1000-£1500 on my holiday!!

Joules68 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:35:11

I have never ever known a school go on strike!?? How odd

Boreoff456 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:35:34

binky kids don't have to go to school, they have to be educated. But do not have to attend a school. And kids can be educated on holiday.

Joules68 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:38:47

Educate your own kids all year round then? It's not a case if opting out for 2 weeks.... You sign an agreement with the school when you apply for a place

Boreoff456 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:39:28

joules the teachers do and the school is closed. DDS school is attending the voices concert in Sheffield this month. As well as costing over £70, the kids attending have been given permission to have the next day off. Its not the same, but (to me) it seems a bit off to say they can decides kids don't need to attend on certain days but parents can not.

However, unfortunately, not all parents would not be sensible if parents were allowed to make that decision. I am actually not against the fine. However I am not totally against people taking their kids on holiday during term time, either.

Minnieisthedevilmouse Thu 16-Jan-14 08:39:30

I didn't have kids when the fines came in and I knew about them. Did you not see the news that year...?

Don't really get your point tbh. It's expensive. It's a deterrent. Yadda yadda yadda as others have already stated.

Coldlightofday Thu 16-Jan-14 08:40:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joules68 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:41:05

Er no..... It's not the schools striking is it? It's unions.... Teachers belong to different unions

Come on that's basic stuff!

Boreoff456 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:42:04

I have home schooled my kids. When dd was old enough she wanted to try school. So now she goes. I have taken them out once in October. When the rules allowed it.

slev Thu 16-Jan-14 08:43:10

Thanks Boreoff456 we will do when it gets to it. Just wondering how much of a guilt trip to lay on BIL when he gets to the planning stage (bearing in mind it would only be us and PILs who would be likely to travel out there) or whether it would be okay anyway.

Anyway, I digress. Exceptional circumstances aside (and debate whether my example is exceptional enough!), nobody has a right to a holiday. And as others have said, there are plenty of options outside of termtime .

Of course if you don't like it, home school your children. You can do what you want then. Or would you worry that they aren't getting the best education and might be missing out...?!

Binkyridesagain Thu 16-Jan-14 08:43:17

Holidays can be enriching, but they are not essential and if you are that determined to have your holiday then raise the extra cash and go during the school holidays.

Boreoff456 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:44:45

joules if the school is closed, the kids aren't there being educated. That's the basics.

cold if a child is home schooled they can take holiday time whenever they wish. As long as the child is being educated it doesn't have to be in the house. I educated my daughter in a house in Florida. Took our stuff and did it there. Schools could provide the same

Like I said I am neither for it or against it.

SiliconeSally Thu 16-Jan-14 08:45:14

Home schooling my DC would be more expensive than peak season holidays!

Tiredemma Thu 16-Jan-14 08:46:26

Its not per day

Boreoff456 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:47:53

slev my dd was home schooled and is now top of her class in school. HE doesn't mean children don't a great education.

But yes that the solution. Unfortunately these are the new rules, so abide by them and pay the fine or home school your children.

But I wouldn't recommend home schooling just for that reason. Its not easy, its great but not easy.

winterchunderland Thu 16-Jan-14 08:48:02

"It makes me laugh that schools can go on strike when they want, but parents can not decide for their own children."

But it affects other children by the teachers having to help the kids catch up when they return.

coco44 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:48:30

What happens when parents can't get time off in school holidays? Or more likely the same weeks as their spouse? I actually think a family holiday is more important than a week at school.People can always catch up on education, not so family time.They are only children so long.
I wonder how long before this is challenged on 'human rights' grounds.A human right is to be entitled to a family life
Also the fines are per child per absence not per day.

Boreoff456 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:48:56

Sorry that should say abide by the rules OR pay the fine.

coco44 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:49:07

It is nothing to do with education and everything to do with milking parents!

Weelady77 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:49:43

I couldn't raise an extra £1000 + a holiday is expensive enough!

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