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to want to view a house more than once before putting in an offer?

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ohhifruit Tue 14-Jan-14 22:14:14

We've viewed a few places and 3 of them have been potentials.

1. Viewed 3 times before deciding it wasn't quite right for us. We were very close to putting in a bid but the work required would have been too much. The EA seemed to think 3 times was excessive but I did not think it was outlandish when spending thousands upon thousands of pounds.

2. We're booked into see a house for the second time this weekend with a builder friend so he can tell us what kind of work he thinks would be possible. When I spoke to the EA he said "a second viewing, do you think you'll be making an offer?" as if viewing a place we could potentially live in for more than 5 minutes was totally unreasonable unless we were 100% sure we'd put in an offer.

3. Viewed a house about 6 months ago and the vendors said our second viewing could only be for 5 minutes. I felt like Anneka Rice. The first viewing hardly took 10 minutes so it's not like the last time we were in there watching Panorama and eating their cheese and motherbanging crackers.

I'm half imaging viewing retirement properties in my 70s by merely opening the letterbox and having a good sniff.

How many times did you view your house before you put in an offer?
How many times is unreasonable? 2, 3, 4, 9, 67?

1974rach Wed 15-Jan-14 18:35:41

We had a lady view our house three times and after much faffing about with her two friends on the third viewing she decided not to put in an offer as the house was too small.

It had obviously shrunk in the time between her and the EA viewing, her viewing again and her mates all popping round. I wouldn't care but they ate all my bloody jaffa cakes on the third viewing!

whatsagoodusername Wed 15-Jan-14 18:44:32

We're buying now and put the offer in after one viewing, which was an open house with a dozen other people. We probably spent 20-30 minutes looking around though. We are local, so know the area so that wasn't a concern.

I would have liked another look, but we only got it because we got in first. If we had tried an additional viewing, it would have been gone (London).

We have been back twice now, once just to look again and once with an electrician, and we are happier with it now than when we offered.

LilyTheSavage Wed 15-Jan-14 19:42:26

Once on my own, second time with DH and we put an offer in there and then (which was accepted) and then I viewed a third time with a friend to measure up. The EA was more than happy to oblige.

Truffkin Wed 15-Jan-14 19:54:19

Surely it depends on so many variables, the house itself, whether it will need work, the market, how well you know the area and other houses.

We have recently started viewing properties and one potential contender would need a lot of work. I should imagine we would need at least 3 viewings to work out whether it would work out as we will need to arrange for various trades people to meet us there to quote for work.

I have never known any EA to be funny about a second viewing and find it really quite strange! First viewings tend to be when you are seeing a fair few houses then the second viewing is when you've narrowed it down and are doing more measuring, will stuff fit in, how much decorating would we have to do (etc.)


coco44 Wed 15-Jan-14 19:55:44

once.All 3 times

JumpJockey Wed 15-Jan-14 19:58:28

I was doing all first viewings myself (on mat leave) sonanything DH came to see was already a second viewing. This one we came back third time with a builder to get an idea of how much the various repairs would cost, so just like Truffkin said above.

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