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AIBU to ask you this, the most important question of them all...

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WaffilyVersatile Tue 14-Jan-14 17:40:37

..what's for dinner?


Finola1step Tue 14-Jan-14 17:43:33

Chicken Katsu curry and rice

IndigoTea Tue 14-Jan-14 17:43:39


Barley and chicken (recipe from waitrose magazine)

Lj8893 Tue 14-Jan-14 17:44:09

Spag Bol yummmmmm

peppinagiro Tue 14-Jan-14 17:44:20

Fish and salsa flatbreads!

Binkyridesagain Tue 14-Jan-14 17:44:22

Jerk chicken and salad.

MoreSkyThanWeNeed Tue 14-Jan-14 17:46:15

Aw great, I already don't want what we are supposed to be having (salmon fillets).
I want Katsu curry. And Potato Waffles. Why waffles....ah OP subliminal messaging!

Allalonenow Tue 14-Jan-14 17:46:17

Oh! I wish I knew!

CynicalandSmug Tue 14-Jan-14 17:47:14


insomniarules Tue 14-Jan-14 17:48:11

Sausage, bins and chippins

MarlenaGru Tue 14-Jan-14 17:48:15

Lol! I had a sandwich but am out at a fitness class and need to eat first and CBA to cook just for me. I think dh is making spag Bol for the others later

Ragwort Tue 14-Jan-14 17:48:44

Scampi (and chips from the chip shop grin).

Stropzilla Tue 14-Jan-14 17:48:52

Chicken kiev! But now I want curry.

Greenmadness Tue 14-Jan-14 17:49:39

Sausage casserole!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 14-Jan-14 17:50:23

beef and chorizo stew. onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, paprika, balsamic, red wine...
It smells bloody lovely!

travellingwilbury Tue 14-Jan-14 17:50:51

Erm ..... beef stew that I cooked two days ago in the slow cooker and left in there for various reasons .

We will be fine won't we ?

carabos Tue 14-Jan-14 17:50:55

Pasta and pesto. Glass of Merlot.

WilsonFrickett Tue 14-Jan-14 17:52:36

pork loin with fennel seeds, roasted celeriac and cauliflower. Potatoes for DH as I am on 5:2 today. Fish fingers for DS as DH won't be in till later.

I really want everyone else's dinner now though.

DaleyBump Tue 14-Jan-14 17:54:13

Chicken stir fry smile

TheNightIsDark Tue 14-Jan-14 17:54:22

Spanish chicken, rice and crusty bread.

I want chicken dippers. Apparently I need to eat a grown up meal blush

DaleyBump Tue 14-Jan-14 17:55:07

I've never had bins insomnia, how do you prepare them? wink

moobaloo Tue 14-Jan-14 17:55:48


All sounds fab!

We are having rabbit pie, braised red cabbage and potatoes smile with lemon tart for afters!

AtticusMcPlatypus Tue 14-Jan-14 17:56:14

Chilli and potato wedges followed by homemade bread and butter pud made with the leftover Xmas pannettone.

lemontwist Tue 14-Jan-14 17:56:19

Mince and Yorkshires. Yum smile

RayPurchase Tue 14-Jan-14 17:56:32

Chicken curry and brown rice - my tummy is rumbling!

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