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To not brush my baby's teeth

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Stuckunderababy Tue 14-Jan-14 16:46:49

DC2 is 14 months and HATES having his teeth brushed. Always has. Whereas with DC1 it was quite easy and I didn't force on the days he didn't want to, if I took that approach with DC2 I'd never brush his teeth.

So at the moment we resort to practically pinning him down to do it. I've tried other brushes, 'helping' him when he's holding it, signing etc. nothing works. I know he likes the toothpaste and happily chews on the brush. He's just one of these babies that likes to do it all himself.

Someone recently said that as long as they get the fluoride it doesn't matter if they are actually brushed, but this really goes against the grain for me.

So AIBU to desist with the brushing and let him get on with it, or persevere in the hope he'll one day get it?

TeacupDrama Fri 17-Jan-14 19:24:01

the dentist will not be holding him down if anyone holding down needs to be done with a small child in dental practice the patients parent/guardian needs to do that as dentist needs both hands free to try and fix the problem

traininthedistance Fri 17-Jan-14 21:02:01

Reading with interest as DD is a year old and will chew on the brush but it is almost impossible to brush the surfaces of the teeth really well and I'm getting a bit worried about it (DD is a BLW spoon refuser too so not amenable to other people putting things in her mouth generally). Is it really absolutely crucial to be getting all the plaque off twice a day for a 1-year old exactly as you would for adult teeth? Eeek if so confused

A quick question for the dentists/hygienists on the thread - I remember being given small fruit flavoured fluoride tablets every day when I was young (up until about 5-ish). I have always had very good teeth - no fillings or problems, which could be either genetic or diet related (was not allowed any sweet things as a child and didn't like juice, fizzy drinks or milk so only ever drank water). But what were these little fluoride tablets and have they fallen out of use these days?

2tiredtocare Fri 17-Jan-14 21:08:25

Splitting hairs Teacup

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