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AIBU to not wear my wedding ring...

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WaffilyVersatile Tue 14-Jan-14 14:49:17

We got married last year (together for nearly 12 years) and neither of us have got used to wearing the rings - neither of us wear any other jewellery. I stopped wearing mine first (out of fear of losing it as I kept having to take it off for work) and then my OH asked me how I would feel if he stopped wearing his too because it still felt weird. I didn't mind at all so for around 5months the rings have lived on our bedside tables in their boxes.

I don't see the issue but several people have commented on how irregular it is and 1 even said that we may as well have not bothered getting married!!

Is it BU to believe that marriage is about more than jewellery or are we weird?

sykadelic15 Tue 14-Jan-14 19:43:34

I wear my set (wedding, engagement and eternity) for work and when out and about but otherwise it's off.

My husband works with his hands and can't wear it. He'll wear it out on special occasions but it's also slightly too big. He's sentimental about it too, won't take it in to warranty it out for a size change because of the material they will destroy it and make another one... he doesn't want that.

ThoughSheBeButLittle Tue 14-Jan-14 19:29:18

My DH has never had one and I tend not to wear one as my job involves a lot of handwashing and it makes my finger peely underneath. I like wearing my engagement ring when I'm not at work as it's pretty but that sometimes stays in it's box for months at a time too.

Neither of us are bothered either way, as you say it's a marriage not a jewellery display.

MakingEveryDayCount Tue 14-Jan-14 19:23:31

We've been married nearly 12 years and never wear ours either. I always get a face like this if I mention it in RL shock
Erm, why?! It's just a piece of jewellery. You're not suddenly 'less married' just because you're not wearing a ring on your finger! confused

MaxPepsi Tue 14-Jan-14 19:12:28

Each to their own.

I personally never take mine off and most of my friends think I'm the weird one.

I feel undressed without it, but as I feel undressed without earrings and my watch that doesn't really meanmuch!

JingleBrains Tue 14-Jan-14 17:51:45

Of course YANBU

I'm surprised at how much people notice/care/comment on this.

I have chosen (for my second marriage) a wedding ring that I really really like, it's a tiny bit different, enough to make it special for me. I enjoy wearing it, still find it lovely! DH chose a plain one and is happy to wear it when he remembers it but tbh neither of us is too fussed

I lost some weight recently and had to move my wedding ring to the middle finger - MIL noticed straight away and asked why am I not wearing my wedding ring in a rather accusing tone angry

liquidstate Tue 14-Jan-14 17:40:03

I never wear mine and nor does my DH - mainly due to work but also because I just dont like the hassle of having one. Like you they sit in boxes on the bedside table and get put on for special occasions.

JRmumma Tue 14-Jan-14 17:09:38

I wear a wedding ring when i remember to put it on. I cant sleep in it so often forget to wear it but its not a problem.

I never had an engagement ring though as i don't wear any jewellery (except now my wedding ring) and DH did an unplanned proposal so hadn't bought a ring. Afterwards we decided that i didn't need or want an engagement ring as a) i wouldn't wear it, or at least enjoy wearing it, and b) id rather use that money for something we actually wanted or needed.

People couldn't get their head around me not wanting a ring and used to come up with silly things like 'well maybe he can buy you one in a few years'. Well that wont be an engagement ring then will it! Most people assumed that we couldn't afford a ring and couldn't see that jewellery just isn't a priority for me, whether we had the cash or not.

Laska42 Tue 14-Jan-14 16:56:46

.. oh and I haven't taken his name either.. but we are and do feel very married .... (strange how people find it hard to believe sometimes)..

Laska42 Tue 14-Jan-14 16:55:33

We dont even have any .. its not a requirement to getting married.. it did make the service rather short though ( registry office ) people do ask though,.. but I dont wear any rings ever , nor he. just dont like them
...20yrs together, 7 married ..

ZillionChocolate Tue 14-Jan-14 16:53:26

Your marriage is a sham. So's mine as although I wear a ring I didn't change my name. Fuck 'em.

FTRsGotAShinyNewNN Tue 14-Jan-14 16:36:08

As a rule I do wear mine but if I take them of for any reason I frequently then for get to put them back on for days. Nobody has ever mentioned it to me though.
As a pp said, if not wearing it is to present yourself as single that's a problem, otherwise it's entirely up to yourselves

PenguinsDontEatKale Tue 14-Jan-14 16:28:02

The only time it is dodgy not to wear a wedding ring is if doing so to pretend to be single!

How odd. I have a few friends who don't wear their rings (I do) and no one has commented that I know of.

craftynclothy Tue 14-Jan-14 16:23:43

I took mine off while pregnant with dd1 as it was feeling tight and I've never lost the weight it still doesn't fit. Dh took his off because it was irritating his knuckle. His is on his bedside table, I think mine are in a kitchen cupboard.

Can't say anyone's ever commented on it. Doesn't make any difference whether you wear a ring or not imo.

Notaddictedtosugar Tue 14-Jan-14 16:07:00

YANBU. DH has never had one. I've given up wearing mine. No one has ever commented. It couldn't matter less as long as you are both happy with it.

NoArmaniNoPunani Tue 14-Jan-14 16:06:29

YANBU. I've had the same shitty comments about why did I bother to get married when I haven't changed my name. Marriage is about more than a ring or a name change

LadyVetinari Tue 14-Jan-14 16:04:50

(Sorry, dog somehow hit "3e" and then Send...) I was going to finish by saying YANBU as long as you're both happy with the situation but, mainly due to sentimentality, I personally think it's a shame when rings don't work out.

schokolade Tue 14-Jan-14 16:03:13

Of course it's fine to not wear your ring. It's what you and DH are happy with, what's it got to do with anyone else?

And laugh at your friend who asked why you got married then grin

LadyVetinari Tue 14-Jan-14 16:02:11

I only wear my original (gold) rings for special occasions, as they give me rashes. I recently got a set of silver stacking rings to wear on my marriage finger, which I very rarely removed before learning to drive. Now, the pressure from the steering wheel makes my skin peel where the rings dig in no, my skin doesn't understand its purpose as a barrier organ so I've been ringless for a fortnight now without noticing blush.

DH generally wears his full-time, unless the parrot has pinched it without him noticing. I know it's sort-of hypocritical but I'd be upset if he chose not to wear his - I love what wedding rings represent, and wish I could wear mine every day.3e

ILoveAFullFridge Tue 14-Jan-14 16:02:11

If it works for the pair of you, then that's all that matters. None of their business.

SqutterNutBaush Tue 14-Jan-14 15:58:46

DP and I got engaged on christmas day and I haven't worn that ring yet but I don't do jewellery either.

Although he did know this and said if or mums hadn't of badgered him he would've proposed with a Kindle Paperwhite grin

I will get round to wearing it but probably won't do the wedding ring.

Mouldypineapple Tue 14-Jan-14 15:58:04

I haven't worn mine for a few months. Started as it became uncomfortable, makes my finger/hand achy. Stopped wearing it indoors and have now got out of the habit completely. Dh doesn't mind and he doesn't wear his either as he too finds it uncomfortable. I put it on for certain occasions but not often. I wear minimal other jewellery too. We're still married and happy.

squeakytoy Tue 14-Jan-14 15:54:20

Been married 13 years and never worn mine. Don't even know where it is. My husband never wears his either.

KateMoose Tue 14-Jan-14 15:51:49

I don't wear mine as I have become allergic to it. DH wears his. I know I am married.

Mim78 Tue 14-Jan-14 15:50:53

I often forget about mine altogether - in fact had not worn for ages now come to htink about it! Just never got in the habit. Dh is the same. I think we just don't really set much store by rings. Is fine imo.

TarkaTheOtter Tue 14-Jan-14 15:48:48

I don't like sleeping in mine so take it off at bedtime and often forget to put it back on.

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