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To think my toddler is not being 'badly influenced'

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GeneralGist Tue 14-Jan-14 09:38:20

In park with MIL at weekend. Toddler DD threw a mini tantrum when we left (was enjoying the swing). Shouted "no wants SWIIIIINGS, NOOOOOOO!" and did that annoying lift her arms above her head, slide through your grip and pool on the floor sobbing thing. Fun.

However, MIL started a discussion on way home along lines of "where has she picked up this behaviour", "do you think it's one of the other children at nursery?"

No. She's a toddler. Testing boundaries, as they do. Apparently DH and DSILs never did this, so it must be nursery (as she was SAHM)

She has actually just called DH at work (!!!) to "discuss it". Lord alive!! DD is pretty well behaved on the whole, gets glowing reports at nursery, says please, thank you and sorry and generally goes to bed without a fuss (she actually apologised for her tantrum herself, of her own accord, once she'd calmed down, bless her!)

I am really not one of those mothers of 'spirited' children who lets them get away with murder BTW!

Stinklebell Wed 15-Jan-14 08:32:09

My MiL is like this too

If you listen to her, none of her kids ever threw a tantrum, watched TV, ate sweets, that she didn't move precious ornaments out of reach as her kids all understood the word 'no' and all were potty trained by their first birthdays.

If you talk to DH and is 3 siblings, they all tell you a very different story.

My favourite is DH's elder brother telling us all the story of DH standing on her coffee table throwing crystal animal ornament after crystal animal ornament into the fireplace

CailinDana Wed 15-Jan-14 10:07:17

Isn't it nice to think though that in years to come all those awful days when you would gladly sell your tantrumming toddler for 20p will just fade away and as far as you're concerned you'll have been the perfect parent?

My DS is only 3 and I've already forgotten what he was like as a baby. Dd (11months) will be a nightmare, I'll say "DS never did that," and DH will just snort at my delusion. I suppose if we actually remembered it all we'd just go more crazy.

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