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Are we BU not to have any kind of games console?

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CambridgeBlue Sun 12-Jan-14 07:46:12

Unlike virtually everyone we know with children, we don't have a Wii, an Xbox or anything similar. I always though DD(11) was fine with this but she told us last night that she feels bored and left out when we meet up with friends because all the kids play on them and she doesn't know how. She made us feel like the 21st century equivalent of people who didn't have a TV when we were young.

The reasons we don't have one are that they are expensive, we don't want one in our small living room but haven't got room for a second TV elsewhere but mostly because I don't like the addictive nature of them - even really young children we know are obsessed with playing on them.

DD has her own laptop, phone, iPod and a DS so she's not being deprived in the technology stakes IMO. If we had a console I know she'd want to be on it all the time and quite honestly I feel she has enough 'screen time' with TV, Internet etc. DH and I don't play computer games (don't understand adults who do really) so she'd mainly be using it alone unless she had a friend over (that seems to be all the kids do when they go to each others houses now).

We do find it harder now she's getting older to know what to do on a weekend evening - we don't watch stuff like the X Factor etc which is all Saturday night TV seems to consist of, and we seem to have exhausted all the films and box sets that we can watch as a family. DD seems to think other families sit round playing games on their console but I can't believe that's the case and even if it is, it's not for us.

Really interested to hear how other people spend their leisure time and whether it does revolve around computer games. Also keen to know if it's just the children we know who seem so obsessed with them or whether they really are a 'most have' like a TV or stereo was for our generation.

TheArticFunky Sun 12-Jan-14 09:39:56

I hate computer games with a passion they are just not my thing. However we have a wii and it is surprisingly good fun! I join in with the children and many wet Saturday afternoons have been spent playing wii Party or having a golf tournament . We have a small living room
too but it seems to work ok.

Nanny0gg Sun 12-Jan-14 09:59:40

I really don't get all the angst over consoles. (Disclaimer: although being a much older mumsnetter - the name is a giveaway- I have loved computer games from the get-go.)

When my DC were young I limited TV time as I wanted them to have a balance. It was never ever on before school and it went off when children's programmes finished after school. You can do exactly the same thing with consoles. Just because they have one it doesn't mean they are on them all day and all night. Especially if they are in a family room, not their bedrooms.

I have an old PlayStation because I love platform games and I adored puzzle games on the PC - still do.
I also have a Wii because the sports and dance games are great fun and very sociable when friends come round (although we still play board games as well), and DGC are getting to the age where they can play too.

Don't knock it till you've tried it!

JCDenton Sun 12-Jan-14 11:32:59

I 'judge' adults who play computer games


MomsStiffler Sun 12-Jan-14 12:34:43

We use the Xbox as a media centre as well as playing games on it. We can watch Netflix & other channels through it, play downloaded films & watch DVD's.

I'd rather my kids spent an hour on a Saturday night playing that than watching the X Factor or similar TBH.

You do realise she can get up to more "evil" on her own in her bedroom with an Ipad than she ever can with a console right? hmm

Moderation is the key, set realistic and reasonable boundaries, get her some headphones so you don't have to listen to it & all should be well!

We'll quite happily sit there reading/talking while one of the kids plays (silently) - if and when we want the TV we just kick them off....

Retropear Sun 12-Jan-14 12:51:07

As mad as it may sound I worry a lot more re my dc reading too much,spending too much time indoors and not getting enough exercise than XBox time.They spend far more time reading,playing with Lego etc and as slim as my dc are I still feel the need to drag them out on hikes as they have no interest re any sport bar cycling in their free time.

I often have to turf them out off of books,piano,Lego etc and never off the XBox as their screen time is limited,allocated and earned.

It should be a balance and I'm well aware my 3 don't spend enough time doing sport.

Retropear Sun 12-Jan-14 12:52:01

And yes re XFactor et al.

Electryone Sun 12-Jan-14 12:59:26

I 'judge' adults who play computer games

Why would you do this? Its just another form of entertainment at the end of the day. I have no interest in gaming whatsoever but then again my DH has no interest in MN! We have a PS3 and Wii in the living room that my DSs use and they also have an X box in their bedroom. They also like loads of other stuff and go out to play if the weather's half ok, its all about a balance. I laugh at all the games machines are "vile and evil" posts, there are some strange attitudes around MN at times.

Ragwort Sun 12-Jan-14 13:39:18

Yes, I know I shouldn't judge people who play computer games but to me it is a really odd thing to do (and I know that many people judge my hobbies as really odd as well grin.) So yes, I shouldn't be judgemental, I suppose it is because I just cannot understand the 'appeal' of computer games.

I am disappointed that my DS spends so long on his PS3 (despite constant nagging and 'scree time rules) and I know I would be happier if he was reading a book, playing in the park, playing cards or board games with DH & I, etc etc. (And he does have lots of interests, very sporty etc, but in my opinion he spends far too long on computer games).

selfdestructivelady Sun 12-Jan-14 13:55:53

We have a ps4 for me and dh a iPad for DS and a wii for DS and a family ps3. We play games together tbh I really don't see the problem.

Starballbunny Mon 13-Jan-14 01:50:21

DH has a wii avatar that looks pretty like him.

Watching that on the screen dressed as a chicken and him flapping on the balance board is absolutely hilarious.

Starballbunny Mon 13-Jan-14 01:52:32

I need to lie to the Wii fit about how tall I am. It's version of me is far to accurately dumpy.

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