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middle class uniform

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southeastastra Sat 11-Jan-14 23:57:21

st albans today was like a boden/joules catalogue

why do the middle classes have to follow such uniform? it's all very samey, those designer welly boots and colourful rainwear

don't get it myself, surely if you have ££ to spend on wear why pick fatface/white stuff boring brands

LightsPlease Wed 15-Jan-14 19:18:40

Never heard of boden or joules.

MrsAMerrick Wed 15-Jan-14 19:13:13

LC Hammer grin

EnianShelZman Wed 15-Jan-14 10:39:08

Joules is nice for girls but not so nice for boys. It is on sale right now at 50-70% off at John Lewis. Boys' tops were around 9-16£ and trousers 12-15. Still too ugly for me. However got some amazing JL pajamas for 1 pound yesterday for a 12, 6 and 3 year old. Bargain of the year!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Wed 15-Jan-14 10:25:36

I love to mix and match clothing
basic white t's from supermarkets
Jeans from dotty P's
expensive knee high boots
Joules Jacket's
White company tops / knitwear
white stuff/fatface/boden thrown in the mix.

I am unashamedly MC no idea if I fit into a type.. don't really give a stuff.

Rhubarbgarden Wed 15-Jan-14 10:18:12

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing with clothes any more. I used to be thin, stylish and had disposable income. I enjoyed clothes shopping. I looked great.

Then I had kids.

I've spent the last four years putting on the first thing to hand and being covered in sick, snot, wee, yoghurt etc. Now I'm emerging from this fug and finding that suddenly I'm old, fat, my body shape has rearranged itself and fashion has moved on. I don't know what the hell to wear or where to buy it from. I'm walking around in a torn coat and boots with holes in.

I need Trinny and Susannah.

Fandan Wed 15-Jan-14 09:55:23

I have never heard of white stuff - I had to google it. Wouldn't know joules or Boden stuff without seeing the label.
Don't think any of these labels are really advertised where I am

LCHammer Wed 15-Jan-14 09:53:36

Why did it take me 7 pages to realise FF is not Florence & Fred.

tolittletoolate Wed 15-Jan-14 09:41:06

I've had horses for the last 30 years and have always been aware of Joules as a brand. Even though I don't have a horse anymore it amuses me that I can wear my previous yard/mucking out clothes out and people think I'm trendy and middle class. My children have a few joules clothes but again they were for the stables.
I also have some very beautiful joules leather boots that are Dubarry style that I used to wear to ride in!
Team that with my battered old Barbour and I must look like I'm a right stuck up cow grin

Bodicea Wed 15-Jan-14 08:12:47

Is it wrong that I intern to keep buying their maternity leggings long after being pregnant as I don't have to hoik them up all the time like normal leggings :-)

ashInTheAttic Wed 15-Jan-14 08:11:33

After all this, I had to make a special visit to look at White Stuff, Joules and Boden clothes. I liked all of them, White Stuff especially. Nice, jolly, colourful, well-made clothes it seems to me.

Of course, I'm still actually slobbing round in leggings and a fleece this morning, so you may not want to take style advice from me smile

Bodicea Wed 15-Jan-14 08:09:45

Having just had a baby can I throw another make into to mix - jojomamanbebe - where the middle class get there maternity wear and than carry on shopping there for their kids clothes once they get the bug - genius!

SirChenjin Wed 15-Jan-14 08:09:30

soundedbetterinmyhead - absolutely.

Bunbaker Wed 15-Jan-14 07:58:43

"Also Boden is online, so what's not to like?"
^^ This

The fact that it is online is no good for me. I am not a standard shape and size and have to try everything on before buying. I always end up taking more than one size into the changing room when trying on clothes. I hate the fact that some clothes sellers are only online and have no shops because I just can't buy from them. It would cost me a fortune in postage for the huge number of parcels I would be sending back.

I agree with all your other points though. I am not interested in "creating a look". I just want to wear something that suits my shape in a colour that suits and that fits well (and that I can afford)

soundedbetterinmyhead Wed 15-Jan-14 07:34:59

I'm pretty middle class, I guess and probably wear Boden/White Stuff all the time to work. It's acceptably smart for meetings as well as practical enough for home visits, cheerful sort of colours and mostly washes well. I work FT as does DH and DCs are in their teens. DD would wear exclusively Jack Wills given half a chance because she wants to fit in.

IMO, stuff like Boden, Fat face, White stuff (apart from knitwear which is hopeless to wash!) suit people (like me) who want to look tidy, but can't be arsed to spend the weekends online or on the high street wondering whether something uniquely captures their style/personality/this season's 'look'. I genuinely don't care about these things, I just want a skirt knee length (so I can get up and down without flashing pants or standing on it) perhaps with a pretty pattern on it that I can match with a couple of jumpers that will go in the washing machine. When they start looking shabby, I buy some more.

I can walk into any of the shops above, it's not too noisy, staff are friendly, and basically anything will be OK for my purpose. Also Boden is online, so what's not to like? I had no idea that people would judge me on this. Still, if it gives you something to do, OP.

Crowler Wed 15-Jan-14 07:13:58

Cheeky bugger gave me some of their body lotion WATERED DOWN ffs as a present after I came out of hospital after a fairly grim operation

Your neighbor bought you a bottle of lotion as a present, then broke the seal, watered it down, and gave it to you?

Bunbaker Wed 15-Jan-14 07:09:03

Why the sneery tone on here? I like White Stuff, Fat Face and M & S Indigo. I don't like Zara, Top Shop and New Look, but as I am 55 I probably am in the wrong age range for them anyway. I also think their clothes are badly made and use very thin materials.

The comment about middle class people being taller might have some mileage though. After all we are all taller than our predecesors and that is mainly due to diet. So you could say that in general people in higher socio-economic groups might have a better diet. I know this is a vast generalisation, but I am looking at the whole picture.

Crowler Wed 15-Jan-14 07:01:04

Fat Face being mentioned so many times in this thread has come as a huge surprise to me - I thought it was like Abercrombie and Fitch.

BrandNewIggi Wed 15-Jan-14 06:48:15

MC children certainly seem to be, on average, taller; not sure if it translates into adulthood.

BrandNewIggi Wed 15-Jan-14 06:48:14

MC children certainly seem to be, on average, taller; not sure if it translates into adulthood.

Bodicea Wed 15-Jan-14 03:29:19

Live in cupboard - gosh I really should proof read!

Bodicea Wed 15-Jan-14 03:27:35

Middle class more tall!! Heard it all now. That must beig me down a peg. Was only just scraping middle class as it was. Parents working class done done good - gave me expatriate childhood followed by country house complete with ducks and chickens ( albeit in the north) and married a nice mc boy :-)
I always thought fat face was for nice wholesome girls without any sense of own style in my twenties). Shapeless clothes that don't work on people with boobs. Same goes for whitestuff. They normally accessorise with equally bland radley bags.
Now I am a mummy I keep thinking I need some boden in my life but can't bring myself to order from online. My v middle class friend lives in the stuff but she is a size 8 with little boobs( evidently she is tiny tiny height too ) I prefer actual shop. Might start with something for the child. I do have a joules coat though. Get me! Ooh and I made the mistake of buying hunter wellies but I am a bit short for them. Doh! They pinch backs of my knees and love in cupboard - maybe I will sell them on ebay and buy some of the muck boot thingies. Had never heard of them before

belleballon Wed 15-Jan-14 01:25:48

Fat Face seems to be crap quality nowadays and a bit bland

VestaCurry Wed 15-Jan-14 01:25:39

Mc people are often taller??? Eh?

belleballon Wed 15-Jan-14 01:23:36

Barbour has been the subject of so many 'chav' threads on here in the past, and since it became so fashionable with the multitude and spawned all those fakes. Odd that it's thought of as typically middle class by some.

VestaCurry Wed 15-Jan-14 01:23:27

There's an old lady in our road who dresses head to toe in White Stuff clothes only. Cheeky bugger gave me some of their body lotion WATERED DOWN ffs as a present after I came out of hospital after a fairly grim operation. Bloody cheapskate wafting about in her White Stuff linen trousers and cashmere jumpers hmm.

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