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middle class uniform

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southeastastra Sat 11-Jan-14 23:57:21

st albans today was like a boden/joules catalogue

why do the middle classes have to follow such uniform? it's all very samey, those designer welly boots and colourful rainwear

don't get it myself, surely if you have ££ to spend on wear why pick fatface/white stuff boring brands

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 12-Jan-14 00:00:28

YABU Why are you assuming these people are middle class?

ouryve Sun 12-Jan-14 00:00:38

I'm sure people tend to pick whatever is most prominent in their town. That's like asking why working classes all wear trackie bottoms, really. Slightly insulting, when you think about it.

QueenThora Sun 12-Jan-14 00:01:25

Same reason as unemployed people on housing estates wear sportswear and hoodies, and toffs on shooting parties wear tweed and cravats.

Of course they don't all and not do middle class people but a lot of people like to dress to fit in and/or send out a signal about what kind of person they are.

I like to think I have my own style, but I could still probably be identified as middle class - even though I deliberately try to avoid looking like a joules/boden clone.

What do you wear? I bet it reflects your class to an extent.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 12-Jan-14 00:02:07

BTW.. that's my home town and I have never worn colourful rainwear in my life. Suspect the people you saw were Watford chavs on a day-trip smile

Upcycled Sun 12-Jan-14 00:04:21

I need to see these catalogs to have a picture in my mind.
I buy random stuff when I see a good deal on eBay or charity shops and never owned a single Boden/Joules/Fatface/WhiteStuff item.

But I am clearly not MD and averse to spend on fashion, even though I would really like to if I could.

southeastastra Sun 12-Jan-14 00:04:52

well it's pretty easy to spot the mc in st albans. insulting really?

i just think that if you have better dispoable income there are tons of shops you could pick from but the mc tend to have a uniform. ie barbour jackets but only if they have barbour branded on them and the youngsters have jack wills tops but only if they are branded.

just an observation

Upcycled Sun 12-Jan-14 00:09:22

People use clothing to send out a message of who they are or who they want to be, which group they think they should belong to, like queentora said.

morethanpotatoprints Sun 12-Jan-14 00:11:27


I totally agree. There aren't those type of shops round here and I heard about Boden and that white shop/company on here and had a look.
It is a boring load of plainness which all I can think is because the mc have no imagination and want to look the same.
I can't think of anything worse than paying to advertise branded goods for companies who turn over millions. Maybe people are a bit thick and can't see this grin

jonicomelately Sun 12-Jan-14 00:11:38

I've just realised I've no idea where St. Albans is confused
I thought was ok at geography but I couldn't tell you which county it's in. I feel a bit thick to be honest shock

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 12-Jan-14 00:12:55

Hertfordshire darling!

Daykin Sun 12-Jan-14 00:13:59

It's got something to do with tribal identity or something. Everyone follows a uniform to some degree and it probably looks more samey when you are on the outside looking in.

ohmymimi Sun 12-Jan-14 00:14:19

It makes it easier for them to identify each other as apparent 'social equals'? No different to other social groups using clothes, and how they wear them, to flag up how they view themselves/wish to be perceived, I suppose.
Or maybe they just like

JassyRadlett Sun 12-Jan-14 00:15:41

Well, it's clearly not 'just an observation' - you're judging how they dress and spend their money, and you cared enough to start a MN thread.

People are tribal and tend to dress to fit in with their 'tribe', whether they realise it or not. You yourself probably do it to a certain extent. I know I do with my own tribe/s. And for some, those clothes will be to their taste (though taste is of course very open to external influences). What makes your judgement of good/bad taste and ways to spend money superior to anyone else's? What should they be wearing?

Disclaimer: I do not and never owned a Barbour jacket or 'colourful rainwear'. But the way I dress is influenced by a lot of external factors, which is true for most folk.

jonicomelately Sun 12-Jan-14 00:16:39

Thanks Cogito

JassyRadlett Sun 12-Jan-14 00:17:13

Out of interest, OP, fancy sharing the shops where you think people should spend their money, rather than the places you loathe?

PedlarsSpanner Sun 12-Jan-14 00:17:18

to be fair, Boden clothes don't have the name emblazoned on, morethan

<buttons up Santorini cardi> grin

The whole concept of nailing your colours to your mast, socially, using non-verbal cues is v interesting (verbal cues are obviously more overt)

southeastastra Sun 12-Jan-14 00:21:34

i find it an interesting subject, like mnetters would judge people who wear brands as being 'chavs' yet they wear brands themselves and don't see the irony

jacks365 Sun 12-Jan-14 00:22:45

I like fat face and it suits me so I wear it. Can't stand boden. Joules I like some things but I really don't care about the labels I just like to look good and be comfortable currently wearing thick, warm Falmer cardigan and jeans

QuintessentialShadows Sun 12-Jan-14 00:23:07

I have a Barbour jacket. The branding is so discrete you would not know it was Barbour unless you studied my right pocket with a magnifying glass.

I have been totally convinced that Barbour is the Quintessential British jacket made for a British climate. I have not been uncomfortable at all since I got it this automn. I am neither too hot nor too cold, it is perfect. I wear in the city, on the school run, and out walking. I wear it with jeans, with North Face mountain trousers, with black or brown leather slip-ons and with Salomon Goretex walking boots.

I love my Barbour. It is the best all round Jacket. I dont care if it is MC or not, it is just a GOOD jacket.

Boden is shite.

PedlarsSpanner Sun 12-Jan-14 00:24:48

ah now, I think you'll find, SEA, that times have moved on, and chavs is really not an acceptable descriptor, quite rightly, and you'll have your arse handed to you on a plate

[here is your arse, on a plate]

JassyRadlett Sun 12-Jan-14 00:24:51

That's fine, OP, MN is an openly judgey place a lot of the time. Just don't, er, dress it up as a disinterested observation, eh? Judge away and be proud of it. grin

southeastastra Sun 12-Jan-14 00:25:47

i don't think i own anything that is branded

WitchWay Sun 12-Jan-14 00:26:57

I hate the Boden patterned skirts - urgh! - like 70s wallpaper

Have a few of their plain tops though.

My boobs are in the wrong place for their dresses.

morethanpotatoprints Sun 12-Jan-14 00:27:50


I had a Barbour jacket once, because it was in the sale, lasted for ages and what I needed at the time. I agree with you it serves a good purpose, but some people just buy/wear things for the label not quality or purpose and I think this is sad.

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