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To begin to loathe my 'friends' smug Facebook comments?

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AlmondFrangipani Sat 11-Jan-14 22:45:43

I used to love a good browse on FB, seeing what my friends and family are up to etc. But since having my DS I just loathe it now. It feels like every day I log on and see another smug 'my baby slept for 8.5 hours last night, I'm so refreshed what a wonderful start to the weekend' post.

I've lost all perspective I'm sure but I've had a tough 5 months with my LO. Tough birth, strep B, tongue tie, giving up BF, silent reflux...he's never slept more than 5 hours in a row. I just can't be happy for them. It just feels smug and salt in a wound.

SoupDragon Sun 12-Jan-14 15:49:23

I've never understood why people have "friends" on Facebook - I only have friends.
I've never understood why people complain about statuses they don't like rather than simply hiding them.
I've definitely never understood why people aren't allowed to post happy stuff for fear of being labelled smug or insensitive.

FortyDoorsToNowhere Sun 12-Jan-14 15:55:27

I only ever post happy statues. The ones I am proud of my DC people here may think it dull but that is my life. My DC are my world and I am very proud of them. If my friends can't stand seeing me happy that's not my problem.

I don't want to air my problems for all to see.

FirstStopCafe Sun 12-Jan-14 16:51:16

Sorry I think YABU. I understand though. My 10 month old ds hasn't slept for more than 4 hours in a row ever so baby sleep related statuses can be a little annoying at times, but I don't view them as boasting really. Just sharing and as it's their fb they can share what they like.

I think hiding posts is the way to go

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