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Which us worse: messaging/ typing briefly but noisily in the living room in the evening if dp is watching tv or ipadding during family dinners?

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owlbegoing Sun 12-Jan-14 09:18:28

Could you not use the iPad to do whatever you need to do while he's watching television? No clicky sound then smile

TheRealAmandaClarke Sun 12-Jan-14 06:50:44

YAbu for asking. Very very obviously iPad-ing at mealtimes is far worse than clicking during tv time.

Preciousbane Sun 12-Jan-14 02:15:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

futuredogowner Sat 11-Jan-14 23:46:00

grin haha good plan.

Yes poor dc. That bit is actually quite sad but hopefully ds will tell him off if he does it again. Not on and utterly undermines any attempt of mine to ensure no ipads at the table as ds gets older.

ChippingInWadesIn Sat 11-Jan-14 23:18:30

Doesn't he understand english either? His 'lowering the tone' makes absolutely NO sense hmm

Keep texting, lots, loudly - hopefully he'll piss off! (and stay there!)

BrickorCleat Sat 11-Jan-14 23:17:28

dc has been alone with dp at lunch or dinner and dp has been on the ipad.

Does your DP actively want to raise socially inept children? I imagine your DC must be pretty hurt too at the unspoken message they are too dull for conversation.


futuredogowner Sat 11-Jan-14 23:09:57

Yep, several times apparently dc has been alone with dp at lunch or dinner and dp has been on the ipad. Maybe not the whole meal but still it has annoyed dc. No way would I let dc do that at the table. The only exception we have is at Sunday breakfast when in the old days we might have read the paper occasionally and now do that online. But even then would still chat to dc or he would also have a newspaper section (sport!!)

BrickorCleat Sat 11-Jan-14 22:56:43

when only that parent was there with the dc and therefore dc had nobody to talk to

Sorry to be dense, but surely that parent could/would/should have talked to the DC? Or are they a Victorian who cannot see or hear children?

YourMotherChucksRocksInHull Sat 11-Jan-14 22:45:04

Ipadding at dinner is v bad manners.

Why on earth does he expect silence when watching tv, though?

He's not letting you have silence to type, is he, if he has the tv on? So why expect it himself?

futuredogowner Sat 11-Jan-14 22:43:03

He is just being stubborn imho by saying it is the same. Told him it was much more important to set a good example to dc and talk but he disagreed. Suggested that most people would not allow ipads at dinner and it is common sense that it was important to communicate with family, to which I was told I was lowering the tone of the discussion, erm why?

Maybe I don't want to be in the same room anyway with my phone or without.

BreconBeBuggered Sat 11-Jan-14 22:37:24

Yes, completely different. We have the family pc in the same room as the telly, and it's perfectly standard for one person to be typing away while someone else watches TV. Wouldn't stand for the ipad at dinner scenario at all.

JackNoneReacher Sat 11-Jan-14 22:29:36

Totally different.

Insisting on total silence to watch a bit of tv sounds a bit precious.

futuredogowner Sat 11-Jan-14 22:28:20

Obviously the title is meant to be which is worse not us...typo.

Unfortunately I can't turn keys to silent (have given it away that I am the texter and dp is the Ipadder! Am sure it was obvious though) as it is a physical keyboard so each key clicks. I had agreed to not do any long messages a while ago as the noise annoys him but only needed to do literally 15 letters of typing so thought that could be forgiven but oh no he is saying if I do that there should be no rule about him not ipadding during dinner but they are not the same at all!!! One sets a bad example to dc and inhibits communication during family meals. The other is an occasional slightly annoying typing sound!!

Allalonenow Sat 11-Jan-14 22:27:20

I couldn't stand anyone using an iPad during meals, they would be banished and wearing their dinner!

maparole Sat 11-Jan-14 22:27:11

ipad at dinner a million times worse; height of rudeness IMO.

The texting is also annoying and surely the noise could be turned off, or the person could go to a different room? However, I personally do not think TV is important enough to get twisted knickers about.

Rhubarbgarden Sat 11-Jan-14 22:25:59

Ipadding during mealtimes worse.

JackNoneReacher Sat 11-Jan-14 22:24:35

The ipad is worse.

Turn the keys to 'silent' so you can text without making a noise.

futuredogowner Sat 11-Jan-14 22:22:19

See the question above. The person texting has a clicky keyboard on their phone. They were doing it now and then not constantly whilst their dp was otherwise occupied watching TV but the noise is annoying for the dp.

The ipad was used in family mealtimes with dc and sometimes when only that parent was there with the dc and therefore dc had nobody to talk to.

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