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Speeding tickets

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DeckSwabber Fri 10-Jan-14 13:45:05

Fed up with it.

I drive most days. I am a careful driver. But I can't seem to keep my driving licence clean. Every ticket I have had is for exceeding the speed limit on a huge road when there has been very little traffic - not zooming down narrow residential streets or burning it up with the boy racers - just driving a bit faster than normal on a three lane carriageway because there is no traffic and it feels natural to go above 30mph.

So. I've never had more than three point on my licence at any time, but I clear my old penalty points and six months later I get another ticket.

I know its my own fault. But grrr anyway.

juneybean Fri 10-Jan-14 13:47:23

Have you been offered the speed awareness, I found it quite informative.

YellowDinosaur Fri 10-Jan-14 13:48:14

I un

CuttingOutTheCrap Fri 10-Jan-14 13:48:36

How many tickets have you had?

Perhaps invest in a sat nav with the built in speed warnings so it can remind you to keep your speed down? I know it's easy for the speed to creep up, especially on big roads, but the 30mph is there for a reason smile

formerbabe Fri 10-Jan-14 13:50:06

Well here's a revolutionary idea...don't do it. You clearly are full of your own self must be super busy and its vital you get to places on time so sod everyone else's safety eh?!

hercules1 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:51:51

Without wanting to sound smug Yabu. I have been driving for over 20 years and never had a speeding ticket. Be more careful. Apologies for smugness!

Fakebook Fri 10-Jan-14 13:52:02

A road with street lights means its 30mph. Doesn't matter if its 2 lane or 3 lane or if there's no traffic. Sometimes it may be 20mph if its a really built up area with schools nearby.

Try driving in a lower gear when you get to these types of roads, so where you'd change to 4th, stay in 2nd or 3rd, so you feel pulled back from accelerating, if that makes sense.

I agree, the speed awareness course I went on was brilliant. They gave really good pointers about how to prevent speeding.

YellowDinosaur Fri 10-Jan-14 13:52:11

Try again...

I understand you being frustrated but honestly this isn't going to go well. Of course yabu to speed and complain when you're caught (and I say this as someone who has had points for speeding in the past).

Plus if you haven't been offered the speed awareness course, which they offer if you haven't been on one in the past 3 years and are going no more than 10% over the limit plus 10mph you must have been caning it.

IceBeing Fri 10-Jan-14 13:53:07

what cutting said.

Hoppinggreen Fri 10-Jan-14 13:53:16

I don't see how you can claim to be a careful driver if you keep speeding.
You speed carefully????

ParenthoodJourney Fri 10-Jan-14 13:55:17

You need a speed awareness course. It will open your eyes.

Yabu. I have been caught speeding in a 30. I did one, completely makes you realise the risks.

Please read this

specialsubject Fri 10-Jan-14 13:55:27

I also don't think you are a careful driver. If you can't monitor speed AND do everything else at the same time, get off the road.

driving is not NATURAL.

Helpyourself Fri 10-Jan-14 13:56:51

I understand you being frustrated because you're obviously an impatient person who thinks your time is more important than life itself.

Nancy66 Fri 10-Jan-14 14:03:21

I do think some speed limits are too slow on some roads.

I get your frustration but the tickets will keep coming and eventually you'll be banned if you don't keep an eye on your speed. Points stick your insurance up too

TheLostPelvicFloorOfPoosh Fri 10-Jan-14 14:05:46

YABU. Obviously hmm

DeWe Fri 10-Jan-14 14:11:15

I get what the OP is saying about the road.
The only time I've thought I might have been caught for speeding was on a 3 lane duel carriageways with streetlights, but not residential. I was lost, in an area of London I didn't know at all, going for a hospital appointment getting very stressed because we were late. I didn't notice the sign that went down from 40 to 30.
I mean you don't really expect to have a 30 limit on a road like that do you? It feels like at least a 50, probably would be if it wasn't in London.
But if I'd been caught it would have been a fair cop. I would be irritated with myself.

Having said that, since then I've been particularly careful on that stretch of road to remember, even though you feel you're going ridiculously slowly.--and are usually overtaken by white vans calling "pedal harder granny"--

I would feel a little "unfair " if I was caught, because I'm usually very (dh says too) careful about keeping under the speed limit, and so it would be a momentarial lapse and lots of people seem to get away with standardly speeding and just braking sharply when they see a speed camera.

MidniteScribbler Fri 10-Jan-14 14:11:52

I drive most days. I am a careful driver. But I can't seem to keep my driving licence clean.

I drive every day. I am a careful driver. I keep my drivers licence clean because I DON'T DRIVE OVER THE SPEED LIMIT.

It's not fucking rocket science.

MrsDeVere Fri 10-Jan-14 14:13:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DidoTheDodo Fri 10-Jan-14 14:16:59

I can't understand why you haven't learnt from your past mistakes.

As has been pointed out above, if you don't want a ticket (again) then surely you'd be more careful, especially in circumstances where you know you might be at risk of speeding.

MrsDeVere Fri 10-Jan-14 14:17:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Fri 10-Jan-14 14:26:38

Careful drivers may accidentally get one speeding ticket.

Careful driver with multiple speeding tickets is an oxymoron.

DeckSwabber Fri 10-Jan-14 14:37:54

I knew you'd all jump on my head.

The times I have been caught have been on virtually empty three lane carriageways, eg early morning on a Sunday, when I have misjudged my speed because of the conditions. No parked cars, no cyclists, no horses, no risk of a wild animal bursting out from a hedge, no bad weather. On a motorway I stick to 70 miles an hour and stay in the left hand lane.

I get frustrated because I see people driving all the time with a phone clamped to their ear or fiddling with their radio or cigarettes, or with music on so loud that they cannot possibly be fully aware of what's going on.

I didn't say it wasn't my fault - I said it was.

DeckSwabber Fri 10-Jan-14 14:40:20

Ps I have had three tickets in 30 years of driving,and never more than one at a time on my licence.

DisgraceToTheYChromosome Fri 10-Jan-14 14:43:02

Every camera has a warning sign and most are painted yellow. Every 30 mph zone has a start sign at 30 and ends with the next limit, upwards or down.

So what the OP is saying is that she doesn't drive with due care or attention at any time, and has poor observation skills.

Good thing I've got cameras and telemetry on the lorry, so when she cocks up and gets splatted like a watermelon I can sue her estate for psychological injury. Except that I've seen too many now. The last one was so gory I just had a medium kebab with no chili for tea.

It's just sad how a moment's idiocy wipes out the happiness of a lifetime.

DidoTheDodo Fri 10-Jan-14 15:39:39

OP -You said it was your fault, we all seem to agree. I'm not sure where the problem lies.

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