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To think my dd can wear her stud earrings swimming

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Greentoothbrush Fri 10-Jan-14 08:34:44

Aibu to think its fine for my daughter to wear her solid small gold studs for swimming? Dad's teacher said they would have to come out, so I have taken them out. But I think this is unreasonable... As a child we were always told no hoops, and that studs were fine?

Greentoothbrush Fri 10-Jan-14 08:35:13

Dd not dads

VivaLeBeaver Fri 10-Jan-14 08:35:52

Dd's school was the same. Studs out for swimming. No idea why.

EdithWeston Fri 10-Jan-14 08:36:20

If the rule is no earrings, then they need to be taken out.

What you consider appropriate when she is swimming with you is unrelated to a school rule.

ivykaty44 Fri 10-Jan-14 08:37:52

Dd2 swam in a squad for s few years and there was never an issue with earrings. It was frowned on not to west hats though even for the boys, I guess these mostly covered ears and rings or studs

TheDoctorsNewKidneys Fri 10-Jan-14 08:38:11

If that's the rules, that's the rules. I agree that I don't see a problem with studs, but if they got ripped out in a lesson, the school would get in trouble for negligence or poor health and safety!

Joules68 Fri 10-Jan-14 08:38:13

If they fall out in the pool and get in the filters what then??

Greentoothbrush Fri 10-Jan-14 08:39:12

There are no rules as far as I am aware. There wasn't a do's and don't's list on the letter, just information on everything else apart from kit etc.

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Fri 10-Jan-14 08:39:18

If the rule is no earrings then it's no earrings. Otherwise it would be 'well if studs are ok, why aren't hoops, they're only tiny' and half the lesson would be taken up arguing about bloody earrings!

Easy rule to follow and really shouldn't even be questioned!

starfishmummy Fri 10-Jan-14 08:41:10

Yabu. You need to follow the rules the teacher gives.

Ragwort Fri 10-Jan-14 08:43:13

There are no rules as far as I am aware. There wasn't a do's and don't's list on the letter, just information on everything else apart from kit etc. - well that clearly does mean the 'rules' doesn't it?

Why do you want to challenge this? Surely there are more important aspects of your child's education than worrying about earrings? hmm

Notaddictedtosugar Fri 10-Jan-14 08:43:40

YABU. Why is it a problem to take her studs out on the day she has swimming? I'm guessing the school don't want them getting lost in the pool.

Greentoothbrush Fri 10-Jan-14 08:51:13

There's no problem, like it said I have taken them out... I was just wondering.
How are parents meant to know if it's not mentioned in the letter? I only know because I questioned it with the teacher directly, there will be a lot of other parents thinking the same as I, and leaving earrings in.

mrsjay Fri 10-Jan-14 08:53:13

when my dds did swimming with the school earring were to be removed i dont understand what harm studs do though,

Bloodymary Fri 10-Jan-14 08:55:39

How old is your DD? Because my DD could not take her own out for roughly the first year, (when she was 5/6).
Could you ask if it was OK to cover them with those very thin plasters? (Micropore)?

bruffin Fri 10-Jan-14 09:00:51

The only time at swimming (with school) they are allowed to keep earrings in are when newly pierced and then they had to make sure that they are covered by swim hat. They have to remove them for pe as well.
My dd did have a nasty accident with an earring at a swimming pool when hers were newly pierced. The earring ended up lodged inside the piercing and had to be removed in A&E.

Starballbunny Fri 10-Jan-14 09:03:25

Of course they don't come out! We never removed studs at school and no adult women takes ordinary studs out to swim, play sport or go to the gym. Olympic athletes win medals in the most ridiculous earrings

It's only fucking schools that are such ridiculous control freaks.

mrsjay Fri 10-Jan-14 09:03:38

<shudder> Bruffin that is awful well i suppose i can see the safety aspect of it now

Greentoothbrush Fri 10-Jan-14 09:03:48

She has just turned 7, can't take them out on her own, so I have taken them out. They have only just healed, so I am hoping that they don't heal over by the time she gets home.
She will be wearing a swimming hat as she doesn't want to sit with wet hair all day, teacher said that this didn't matter, they still had to be out.

mrsjay Fri 10-Jan-14 09:05:41

they should be fine to go back in,

Starballbunny Fri 10-Jan-14 09:06:04

We had a Y6 girl who'd just had her ears done in tears because a busy body senior school teacher wouldn't let her tape them and play in the inter school netball.

Heartless bitch, it was absolutely none of her business.

Fleta Fri 10-Jan-14 09:20:39

To be honest if she cannot deal with the piercings herself she isn't old enough to have them done.

As it is, it doesn't matter whether you think she can wear them, the rule is no earrings so they come out.

Starballbunny - of course it was her business. Taping a stud does NOT prevent it being ripped out during sport.

countrymouse27 Fri 10-Jan-14 09:34:00

I suggest you withdraw your child from the school lessons and teach her yourself on a weekend if you're not able to keep to a simple request from the teachers.

Crowler Fri 10-Jan-14 09:35:15

Maybe they don't want to deal with girls getting upset over losing their earrings? That seems pretty obvious to me.

BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability Fri 10-Jan-14 09:38:27

This is why, if I had a DD, she'd have hers pierced as a baby



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