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To be a bit shocked at the landlord who is evicting 200 families because they are on housing benefit

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wetaugust Mon 06-Jan-14 19:25:20

Heard this and 'Wow' - I was shocked.

He's being interviewed on C4 News.

He'd rather rent them to Eatern Europeans who are working.

He said that if house prices go up then rents should go up.

He said he's not the only landlord doing this.


So some local authority will have to find new housing for all these people.

Where will this end?

I am stunned. shock

Lazysuzanne Sun 12-Jan-14 20:27:15

yes, Reallytired yours is a clear misuse of the term 'peppercorn rent'

Wallison Sun 12-Jan-14 21:22:08

Where on earth did you get the idea that that constituted a 'peppercorn rent', ReallyTired? (And actually, can I just say now how much your username makes me boak? Cheers.)

NoseWiperExtraordinaire Sun 12-Jan-14 21:24:05

Who said anything about wanting to live almost rent free?

In many respects the proportion of income spent on where you live is irrelevant, what matters is that the remainder covers essential living costs.

This clearly doesn't happen for a significant number of people in rented accommodation who work (and is what the thread is about).

I'd imagine what most people in working households want is to be able to pay their way, look after their families to the best of their abilities in the most meaningful way, with some sense of security for the future. And not be labelled as scroungers.

NoseWiperExtraordinaire Sun 12-Jan-14 21:36:27

And I don't wish also to overlook those facing eviction who claim housing benefit because they don't work, it is just shocking that there are many that do.

3asAbird Sun 12-Jan-14 21:44:44

been in current property nearly 10years.

in that time maybe landlords spent grand if that,
we landscaped garden
replaces most of dodgy flooring ourselves
repaint every year.

we fairly low maintainance.

we first got 6months.
then 12months but wouldent give us loger as he liked to up rent little each year.

every time we renewed tennancy they charged him admin fee and us. last lot was £90.

When i ring up they treat me like crap
rubbish communication.

go in and they pounce on me the i say im lettings and they say ohh go back.

They also have 2 numbers and if ring sales they get shirty.

they say the most stupid things
delay repairs.
inspections used to be annual but last few years they been quarterly which is nightmare rang shelter they said there is such thing as quiet enjoyment.

we have complained lot in 12months as getting fed up have avacado green bathroom 30years old falling apart and 30 year old kitchen falling part replaced with cheap nasty white units poorly by landlord which dont fit bottom units and narrow cant store much.

The gas man says place could do with new boilier
landlord des some stuff himself to save money badly.
hes ok not a people person, hates my kids.
hes annoyed with agents too and thinks they useless .

but now we have to move going to avoid current agents who treat us like crap never once been late with rent.

moving privatly so expensive we going to have to borrow to move as going to cost us 2hlalf grand to move and will be time delay in deposits if we get it all back mate had to go small claims with hers.

all very well saying complain but so many on short term tennancy of -12months they would just be given notice and new tennent moved in.

my landlord keep saying you know your rents cheap but place is dated falling part , 3beds but 3rd box , 1 reception , no garage we assume hes selling as would have spend money and take years to get money back on what he spends.

im glad t be leaving but worried about finding somewhere and how much will cost us and faced facts our rents going to be more now get anything half decent as we tied to area due to schools.

SaucyJack Sun 12-Jan-14 21:49:55

Our rent is roughly around a third of my DP's full-time wage a week- and that's for a council flat - so as cheap as rent can be round here."

That is peppercorn rent compared to the private sector. Many families pay half their monthly salary for a mortgage/ rent on a tiny property.

Lol- yes, I'm more than well aware that those in the private sector pay far more than those of us in not-for-profit social housing- and for far less tenancy rights. Round here, we'd be paying DP's whole salary on an equivalent private rental (tc's and hb notwithstanding)

That's, um, kinda the problem we've been talking about for the past week?[duncehat emoticon]

And do go and Google what a peppercorn rent actually is.

Wallison Sun 12-Jan-14 22:23:23

It's actually a bit more complicated, but as a rough rule of thumb working people only get HB if their rent is more than 2/3rd their income. Damn right that they want to be paying less than that. And also damn right that we as a country shouldn't be subsidising payments to their landlords that are more than that.

NoseWiperExtraordinaire Tue 14-Jan-14 14:40:31

Annual house price growth rose faster than the cost of living in November, even if London is removed from the calculations, official figures show.

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