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AIBU to think this girl needs a slap

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RalphLaurenLover Sat 04-Jan-14 22:30:33

This girl who use to hang around with us was always around trouble stealing, running away, violence, drinking, smoking, drugs you name it she did it.

I kind of moved on and she moved to a different area we had each other on Facebook but don't speak. She got pregnant and proclaimed it was going to be the making of her hmm well it wasn't unfortunately she was constantly telling the Facebook world how SS were on to her and were going to "kidnap" her baby. She had and was given a chance and after a few photo's of her changing the child with her feet holding the bottle in it's mouth with the caption "you bitches can't multi-task like me" status of how she had to go through DNA because she'd slept around and drug test because she was taking her child to be around people whom do drugs she got miffed at the world because SS took the child away.

She still see it but lashed out at everyone with a child on Facebook stating she resents them because SS are C**t's and stole her baby hmm they don't know what they're doing even one remark about how all the SS are is a paedophile gang leader taking and giving children to paedophiles?!?!

She's now telling the world of facebook how at her next contact she's just going to take the child and run because nobody will stop her and despite having no job, money or home she can provide better than these "paedophiles hmm because it's going to be adopted yet she constantly refuses any help

AIBU to think that maybe if she didn't constantly accuse the SS and fill her Facebook full of shit like this she may have more of a chance I try to hide her post but some just creep on in

LimitedEditionLady Sun 05-Jan-14 23:39:12

Mmmm ill stick with my first answer grin

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