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Pixiedustaway Sat 04-Jan-14 21:26:33

Not a mil thread but a mother thread! My parents live overseas, I went to see them over the Xmas with DS, dd (5&2 years) and dh. I'll try not to waffle... My father hasn't been well and my mother has not been coping with his illnesses very well. She has become increasingly difficult to deal with namely because she cannot go out when she pleases and is a bit tied down looking after him. She is very bossy,demanding,spoilt and is prone to having tantrums if she doesn't get her way. My first afternoon with them, she scoots off within 2 minutes of us arriving to have her hair done, and doesn't reappear until about 5 mins before we are leaving!
Anyway the next day she wanted to buy more crap for the kids to take back with them which I asked her not to. The following day she starts off whining, why didn't I buy another bag so that she could fill it for them. I nicely explained that I had 3 suitcases 4 pieces of hand luggage , a buggy, 2 kids and a dh to look after and I wasn't going to get another bag to fill. So the sulking begins. Then she wanted me to take a photo of the kids in front of her fireplace which was boiling hot( she just switched the fake fire off). I said no because dd will probably want to explore the fireplace etc and is too hot.... She was like a dog with a bone so I snapped a little and said it was my child and I didn't want to do it. So she leaves the room and goes to her bedroom and my father follows. After a while I go to try to make peace and she called me a fucking bitch! Classy. We were going home the next day and so told her I wouldn't be back nor would she see the gc again. Said she didn't care. I went for a walk and for my sister and father's sake apologised( grrr with myself) and she was like the cat with the cream when I did...she never said anything about being so vile to me tho. I have not heard from her since that was New Year's Eve. Should I just not bother? Aibu should I have been more of a doormat with her?

lunar1 Sun 05-Jan-14 08:52:50

It can be very draining being a carer, how much time does she get to herself? If you ate also a carer for your dh maybe you were just both at the end of your tether.

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