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To take our own food to soft play?

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OHforDUCKScake Fri 03-Jan-14 20:21:04

Ive got no idea how strict they are, Ive only just remembered their rule of no food from outside coming in. Im not sure asking them if we can bring out own food in is the answer, I think just bringing it in and not saying anything would be the best way of doing it.

To put it into context, its my sons 7th birthday tomorrow and we are having it at soft play am I mad and they provide food and entertainment etc which is great.

But our youngest son is has a whole bunch of allergies.

The last time we were there I contemplated getting the, both lunch there and asked if I could see the ingredients list on the back of the curly fries. She waved her hand and said the allergy list is out the front. She meant the allergies that are 'usual' wheat, egg, nut, soya etc. I tried to explain that he is allergic to many more things than that and she looked at me blankly. I tried a few more times and eventually gave me the curly fries bag to check the ingredients list and he was allergic to them. This meant the only thing on their whole menu he wasnt allergic to was bacon.

This week Ive been planning to 'copy' what they might give which isnt easy since he can only eat 7 foods.

Im not looking forward to explaining at the beginning to blank faces that he really cant have anything on the menu.

I was just going to take it in and deal with the issue if its raised.

Thats alright isnt it?

Fucking hate us allergy bullshit, it rules Christmas and now its beginning to rule birthdays. Id give anything for him not to be made to feel 'different'.

scattergun Sat 04-Jan-14 08:33:10

Ds has a friend with lots of severe food allergies and when we take him out for meals with us we phone ahead to say we'll be bringing all his food as there's almost nothing he can risk having without his mum checking (i.e we are both happy for me not to be responsible). No one has yet caused any problems and all have been extremely accommodating.

MrsMangoBiscuit Sat 04-Jan-14 08:39:46

This gets my goat too. DD1 reacts to aspartame (artificial sweetner in lots of things) I always take her a drink to softplay centres. We went to a new one for a party, and the manager came running over to me shouting that she couldn't drink it in there! I explained that she couldn't drink the squash provided for the party, so he demanded that I bought her something else, and was adamant they sold aspartame free squash. They didn't. The only drink without aspartame was a piddly box of apple juice for a pound! She drank the drink I brought in.

scattergun Sat 04-Jan-14 08:40:50

The phoning ahead has only because these have been small, busy pubs in the country so no alternatives if there was a problem. Ordinarily, I'd expect anyone to accept he needs his own food anyway if given a reason. If the whole party sat down to their own sandwiches, it might look more suspicious.

Norudeshitrequired Sat 04-Jan-14 08:43:33

One of my children has allergies and I have always taken his own food to the venue when we have held parties. You are still paying for his place and the food that he won't be able to eat, so the venue has nothing to complain about.

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